Students are expected to complete the writing requirement while in the process of taking the courses below. Students are also expected to complete the general education international (GE-N) and diversity (GE-D) requirements concurrently with another general education requirement (typically, GE-C, H, or S).

To remain on track, students must complete the appropriate critical-tracking courses, which appear in bold. These courses must be completed by the terms as listed above in the Critical Tracking criteria.

This semester plan represents an example progression through the major. Actual courses and course order may be different depending on the student's academic record and scheduling availability of courses. Prerequisites still apply.

Plan of Study Grid
Semester OneCredits
ANT 2410 Cultural Anthropology (Critical Tracking; Gen Ed Social and Behavioral Sciences with Diversity) 3
State Core Gen Ed Biological or Physical Sciences 3
State Core Gen Ed Composition (Writing Requirement) 3
Foreign language 3-5
Elective 2-3
Semester Two
Quest 1 (Gen Ed Humanities) 3
ANT 2140 Introduction to World Archaeology (Critical Tracking) 3
ANT 2000 General Anthropology (recommended; State Core Gen Ed Social and Behavioral Sciences) 3
State Core Gen Ed Mathematics 3
Foreign language 3-5
Semester Three
Quest 2 (Gen Ed Biological or Physical Sciences; area not taken in semester one) 1 3
ANT 3514C Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Critical Tracking; Gen Ed Biological Sciences) 4
STA 2023 Introduction to Statistics 1 (Gen Ed Mathematics) 3
State Core Gen Ed Humanities 3
Elective (or foreign language if 4-3-3 option) 3
Semester Four
ANT 3620 Language and Culture (Gen Ed Social and Behavioral Sciences with International) 2 3
Gen Ed Humanities 3
Gen Ed Physical Sciences 3 3
Electives 6
Semester Five
Select one composition course (ENC 3254 or ANT 3860 recommended): 3
Professional Writing in the Discipline (Gen Ed Composition; Writing Requirement)  
Writing in Anthropology (Gen Ed Composition; Writing Requirement)  
Anthropology electives (3000 level or above) 6
Electives 6
Semester Six
Anthropology electives (one at 3000 level or above; one at 4000 level) 6
Electives (3000 level or above; not in major) 6
Elective 3
Semester Seven
Anthropology elective (1000-4000 level) 2 3
Anthropology elective (4000 level) 3
Electives (3000 level or above; not in major) 6
Elective 3
Semester Eight
ANT 4931 Capstone in Anthropology (Critical Tracking) 3
Electives (3000 level or above; not in major) 6
Electives 6
 Total Credits120