Flexible Learning

Distance and Continuing Education

Distance & Continuing Education (DCE) offers fully online undergraduate courses for college credit through UF Flexible Learning.

The primary purpose of this program is to provide high-quality flexible educational opportunities for students in the State University System, Florida College System, and beyond who are not currently enrolled at UF and:

  • Have conflicting schedules
  • Need to meet General Education or Writing Requirement
  • Need to meet course prerequisites
  • Want personal enrichment

Students who are not enrolled at UF should consult an academic advisor at their institution prior to enrolling in courses to ensure transfer of the credit. DCE is not responsible for ensuring that any credit received is transferable.

UF students interested in taking a Flexible Learning course must first consult with their academic advisor. UF students may apply up to two (2) Flexible Learning courses toward a degree and must seek college dean’s office approval to exceed this limit. Advisors and the DCE office will approve access to a Flexible Learning course if the student is below the two (2) course limit and meets at least one (1) of the following criteria:

  • The student has a health concern
  • There are circumstances preventing the student from physically being on campus and the course is not offered online
  • The student requires off-calendar, flexible format solution for an “unusual circumstance.” Such a circumstance would include but are not limited to health, work, or other events, which make resident attendance not possible. 
  • The student wishes to increase the number of enrolled credits within a given semester for the purposes of expediting time to degree completion
  • To maximize financial aid awards where additional enrollment is only made possible by a flexible format
  • Other extenuating circumstances

Students can register for these courses online.
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Enrolling in Flexible Learning courses does not require a transcript of previous academic work, nor are students required to apply for, or to be admitted, to the University of Florida to earn college credit. These courses operate on an open enrollment policy and do not follow UF's academic calendar. Registrations are processed and accepted Monday-Friday, excluding UF holidays.

UF Flexible Learning courses are self-paced, allowing students to complete coursework more quickly than typical online or residential courses. Students have a maximum of sixteen (16) weeks to complete their course, but in many courses, may take as few as four (4) weeks. If the on-campus academic semester changes during this time, a non-punitive deferred grade of H will appear on the student's transcript.

When the registration process has been finalized, UF Flexible Learning will send students their expiration date. Students should take note of this date and plan their work accordingly. Any coursework not completed by this date may result in grade penalties.

If students make significant progress in their coursework but are unable to complete it due to extenuating circumstances, they are expected to contact instructor about receiving an incomplete grade.


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