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The College of Medicine, a unit of the Health Science Center, began operations in 1956 and is located on the south end of campus. This location, in direct proximity to university facilities, offers many opportunities to utilize and complement resources of the university in the educational and investigative programs of the college.


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The College of Medicine is responsible for several undergraduate courses and multiple graduate and professional educational programs. This includes programs leading to the MD degree, master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies, and master’s and doctoral degrees in Medical Sciences, Anatomical Sciences Education, Genetics and Genomics, and Medical Physics. The Medical Sciences programs include concentrations in seven biomedical disciplines, Health Outcomes and Implementation Sciences, and Biomedical Informatics. A master’s degree in Forensic Medicine and multiple on-line distance education courses are offered. New initiatives incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) within the medical, biomedical, and social sciences across disciplines.

Teaching Hospitals

The primary teaching hospital for the College of Medicine is UF Health Shands at the University of Florida, a modern tertiary care facility that is part of the Health Science Center complex. UF Health is one of several hospitals owned and operated by Shands HealthCare, a not-for-profit system affiliated with the University of Florida. The College of Medicine also has faculty, students and residents who provide patient care, teaching and clinical trial research at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center located across the street from the Health Science Center campus.

At UF Health Jacksonville, approximately 70 miles from Gainesville, students receive high-quality clinical and research experience in an urban setting. In addition, UF Health owns or is affiliated with outpatient and community practice sites for educational experiences in a variety of urban, rural, and suburban areas.

Students intending to apply for admission to a graduate or professional degree program through the College of Medicine may have a bachelor’s degree in any field but must complete required prerequisites for their intended post-graduate program. Undergraduate courses offered by the college include biochemistry (BCH 4024), and introduction to medical professions (MDU 4003), physician shadowing (MDU 4004), science for life (BMS 4905), and research (BMS 4905). Opportunities for service learning in the greater Gainesville community are available through participation in the Mobile Outreach Clinic. Volunteer/service opportunities are also available through UF Health.

The College of Medicine offers combination degree programs with other colleges including Agricultural and Life Sciences, Education, Engineering, Liberal Arts and Sciences and the other colleges of the Health Science Center. A combination degree program is a credit-sharing arrangement that allows qualified students to combine their medical science background with other undergraduate, professional, or graduate work, resulting in earning two degrees.

The Medical Honors Program is an accelerated 7-year bachelor’s and medical degree program that enrolls a limited number of undergraduate students who have chosen a career in the medical profession and who have demonstrated both superior scholastic ability and personal development during their first two undergraduate college years. Students complete undergraduate coursework during year three and enter medical school during year four. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences grants academic credit for all the third-year work and part of the fourth-year medical school coursework. Participating students receive a BS degree after completing the first year of medical school. 
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Exceptional undergraduate students with a major in Biology/Chemistry/IDS in Biochemistry/Microbiology and Cell Sciences/Nutritional Sciences offered through both CALS and CLAS are encourage to apply for the highly competitive BS/MS in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology degree. The combination program is an ideal opportunity for undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience for positions within the private and government sector or entrance into other advanced degree programs. 
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Unusually gifted students may enter a combination MD/PhD program which offers an opportunity for integrating clinical experience with competence in basic biomedical research. This program reflects the increasing dependence of the practice of medicine on scientific advances in the biological sciences and seeks to produce clinician scientists. 
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Combination degrees are available to qualified students enrolled in the UF College of Medicine MD degree in conjunction with the Warrington College of Business, the Fredric G. Levin College of Law, and College of Public Health and Health Professions. These programs include degrees leading to the MD/MBA, MD/MSM, MD/JD, and MD/MPH degrees.
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Clinical departments offer residency and clinical fellowship training. Post-doctoral research fellowships are supported in all basic science and clinical departments. The clinical departments offer seminars, workshops, and programs as part of a robust continuing education program for practicing physicians.