Each certificate awarded to a student must have at least nine credits that are distinct from every other certificate or minor for that student. That is, certificates must contain at least nine credits of coursework that are unique to that program out of all other certificates and minors awarded to the student. All courses required must be completed with minimum grades of C or S in each course. The undergraduate certificate does not require completion of graduate courses. A student may not earn a certificate if all courses required for successful completion of the certificate program are also required by the student’s major for successful completion of the degree.  

Excerpted from the Certificate Policy

Applying for a Certificate Program

Index of all Certificates

Students should review the information about their certificate of interest in this catalog. In general, each certificate page explains which students are eligible to pursue the certificate, any qualifications or prerequisites necessary to be eligible for the certificate and the requirements to complete the certificate. Students are also encouraged to discuss the certificate with the offering department.

Students interested in pursuing a certificate must first apply for program admission. After being admitted and completing the requirements, students will be able to apply to be granted the certificate through ONE.UF. Students who are about to graduate and who have already completed all the requirements for the certificate still must apply for admission using the button below before applying to be granted the certificate through ONE.UF. The certificate approval process can take some time so students are strongly encouraged to apply to pursue a certificate early.

Apply for a Certificate Program