About this Program

Certificates must contain at least nine credits of coursework that are unique to that program out of all other certificates and minors.

This certificate is available to all undergraduates except those majoring in design and visual communications.

The curriculum guides students toward coursework the graphic design faculty considers essential to gain a better understanding of graphic design thinking, processes, methods, and practices in order to create effective graphic and communication design works. Students who complete this certificate will have a focused skillset sought by many disciplines, industries and professions.

Interested students must meet with the School of Art and Art History undergraduate advisor for more information, course planning, and to apply. Students should obtain provisional approval from the advisor prior to enrolling in certificate coursework. Formal certificate applications should be made after completion of the 2000-level coursework.

  • Studio art related majors (art, art education, design and visual communications and visual art studies) have priority access to 2000-level certificate courses. Students must work with the SA+AH advisor to gain access to these courses.
  • 12 of the 15 total credits and all 3000-level coursework must be taken at UF.

Students should take certificate courses in the order indicated below, with all 2000-level coursework taken before 3000-level coursework. Exceptions may be made with advisor approval. Please note we generally advise students take no more than one certificate course in any given semester.

Required Courses

Complete before making formal application to the certificate program 1
Select one:3
Perceptual Drawing
2000/3000-level drawing course focusing on sketchbook ideation and/or perception (see advisor for options)
GRA 2111CVisual Methods and Processes3
GRA 2208CTypography 1: Letterform3
Complete after approval of formal application to the certificate program 2
GRA 3816CDesign Thinking3
GRA 3138CGraphic Design Practice3
Total Credits15

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