HUM 2420 African Humanities 3 Credits

A general education course similar in philosophy and purpose to the basic sequence. Content selected from the philosophies, literature, arts and music of various African countries and regions. (H and N)

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

HUM 2424 African Cultures and Literatures 3 Credits

A culturally based study of folktales, proverbs, drama, poetry and novels; and how these forms are used to portray African arts and ideas. (H and N)

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

SSA 3730 Language in African Society 3 Credits

The role of language in the development of African societies. Language and nation building. (S and N)

General Education - International
General Education - Social Science

SSA 4905 Individual Work 1-5 Credits

For those who seek independent work not offered in another course.

Prereq: department permission.

SSA 4930 Special Topics in African Studies 3 Credits

Variable topics dealing with specific issues in African studies.

SST 2501 African Elements in the Americas 3 Credits

Traces African influence in the Americas from the arrival of Africans on the continent until the present.

SST 4502 African Oral Literature 3 Credits

An overview of African oral literature, introduces methodological and theoretical problems, and examines the sociopolitical and cultural relevance of the literature.

Prereq: instructor permission.