CAT 3180 Introduction to Catalan 1 3 Credits

Acquire a working knowledge of the Catalan language and the aspects of Catalan culture and society. No previous experience with Catalan required, although knowledge of another Romance language (through intermediate level) is required.

Prereq: completion of second year in another Romance language or instructor permission.

CAT 3182 Introduction to Catalan 2 3 Credits

To expand the linguistic and cultural knowledge acquired in CAT 3180 and to further develop an understanding of Catalan art, culture and society. Emphasis on speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Prereq: CAT 3180 or instructor permission.

CAT 3280 Intermediate Catalan 3 Credits

Review and extend knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, culture; develop oral and written skills; begin reading literary works; and consolidate knowledge of Catalan culture.

Prereq: CAT 3182 or equivalent.

CAT 3281 Intermediate Catalan 2 3 Credits

Second semester in the intermediate Catalan language and culture sequence, continuing the study of the language and culture of Catalonia with emphasis on linguistic proficiency and cultural knowledge.

Prereq: CAT 3180 or equivalent.