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About this Program

  • College: Education
  • Credits: 15 minimum | Completed with minimum grades of C
  • Contact: 1.855.99GATOR

The minor combines learning theories, technology, multimedia, and creativity to build a unique professional skill set aimed to empower teaching and learning in real-world situations. Students utilize advance technology and gain hands-on proficiency in creating interactive and engaging multimedia products that are in high demand. Beyond utilizing hardware and software, the minor provides students with solid pedagogical foundations, contemporary research, and proven practices for improving learning outcomes.

The minor welcomes undergraduate students who prefer a flexible online learning schedule and activities. All required courses are offered fully online.

At the completion of the minor, students will have created a Web portfolio showcasing their mastery in designing, developing and utilizing a variety of digital multimedia products and technology to enhance learning effectiveness.


  • Apply for the minor after earning 45 credits and before earning 100 credits.
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA is required. All 3000 and 4000 level courses in the minor must be taken at UF.
  • Obtain college approval on the application for minor before submitting the form to 1-106 Norman Hall.

Required Courses

EME 2040Introduction to Educational Technology3
EME 3319Design and Development of Educational Multimedia3
EME 3813Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments3
EME 4673Introduction to Instructional Design3
EME 4320Instructional Development for Teaching and Learning3
Total Credits15