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About this Program

  • College: Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • Credits: 15 | Completed with minimum grades of C and no optional S/U | 9 must be at the 3000-level or above

Center Information

The Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Research advances research, teaching, and leadership on how multiple systems of power intertwine to shape culture, society, and people’s lived experiences. Students explore how gender, class, race, sexuality, and other systems of power shape important domains such as health, work, culture, media, politics, leadership, and organizations. Students also learn how to put this knowledge into practice to transform these systems


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  • No more than three credits of independent study may count toward the minor.
  • Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.
  • Students must complete at least three courses at the 3000 level or higher and each must be at least three credits.
  • Sometimes, and with the approval of the undergraduate coordinator for Women’s Studies, students may petition to have other, relevant classes approved as substitutes within each category of electives within the minor. Such courses could include department special topics offering with numbers like 3930, 4930.

Each semester, courses offered for this minor are listed on the Women's Studies courses website.
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Required Courses

WST 2322Introduction to Health Disparities3
WST 4941CPracticum in Health Disparities3
Category A elective 13
Category B electives 16
Total Credits15


Approved Electives

Category A | Theories of Social Inequality, Difference, and Power 

AFA 3332Black Feminist and Womanist Theory3
AFA 4430Black Lives Matter3
AMH 3340History of Disability in America3
ANT 3451Race and Racism3
ENG 4844Queer Theory3
HIS 3454Racial Theories in Europe and the U.S.3
SYD 3700Minorities in American Society3
SYO 4530Social Inequality3
WST 3015Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women's Studies3
WST 3415Transnational Feminism3
WST 3603Sexualities Studies3
WST 4641Lesbian and Gay Studies3

Category B | Health Systems and Social Justice Mission

ANT 3478Global Health Culture3
ANT 4462Culture and Medicine3
GEO 3430Population Geography3
GEO 3452Introduction to Medical Geography3
GEO 3454Peoples and Plagues3
HIS 3495Evolution of Infectious Diseases3
PHC 3440Global Public Health3
PHC 3603Critical Issues in Ph3
PHC 4101Public Health Concepts3
PHI 3459Medicine and Philosophy3
PHI 3633Bioethics3
SYO 4400Medical Sociology3
SYP 4730Sociology of Aging and Life Course3
WST 3323Gender, Bodies, and Health3
WST 3703History of American Medicine: Race, Class, Gender, and Science3
WST 4326Women and Therapy3
WST 4704Discrimination and Health3