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    Major Specializations Total Credits Academic Learning Compact
    Education, Unified Early Childhood Education ProTeach
    Birth - Age 4 and Pre-K - Grade 3 Certifications
    ESOL and Pre-K Disabilities Endorsements
    None 120

    Education, Unified Elementary/Special Education ProTeach
    Elementary K - 6 Certification
    ESE K - 12 Certification (optional)
    ESOL and Reading Endorsements
    None 120

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    ProTeach Preparation of Professional Teachers

    The College of Education prepares professional teachers in unified elementary/special education, unified early childhood education and the various areas of secondary education.

    ProTeach is a rigorous five-year program designed to culminate in both a bachelor's and a master’s degree.

    Students engage in early observation, supervised practice and a concluding internship in the public schools, as well as campus-based clinical experiences in microteaching, simulation and other controlled situations.

    ProTeach students in unified elementary/special education and unified early childhood education receive a Bachelor of Arts in Education upon successful completion of the first phase of the teacher education program, including a prescribed set of courses and experiences. An additional year beyond the bachelor’s degree is required for completion of the second phase of the teacher education programs.

    Secondary ProTeach

    Students who wish to teach at the high school level complete a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate content discipline before pursuing a master’s degree in secondary education in the College of Education. The approved subject areas of study for secondary education include English (major in English); science (major in biology, botany, chemistry, entomology, microbiology, physics, wildlife ecology or zoology); and social science (major in anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, psychology or sociology).

    Cooperating College Teacher Education Programs

    In collaboration with the College of Education our cooperating colleges offer four-year teacher preparation programs in agriculture, art and music. Please contact the individual colleges for additional information:

    • Agricultural Education and Communication (6-12), College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, 305 ROL
    • Art Education (K-12), College of the Arts, 302 FAC
    • Music Education (K-12), College of the Arts, 130 MUB

    Program Planning

    Program changes related to teacher certification requirements are possible. The curriculum of a state-approved teacher preparation program is subject to revision to accommodate legislative or Department of Education mandates. New rules may affect required courses in all teacher preparation programs.

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