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    Health Promotion

    The minor in health promotion provides a basic understanding of the community health field and an opportunity to gain background in a variety of health issues related to disease prevention and health promotion. Coursework for this minor focuses on health promotion and disease prevention among special target groups within a particular community, with the ultimate goal of providing practical health information to diverse population groups through the use of behavioral interventions.

    About this Minor


    This minor requires the completion of at least 15 credit hours of HSC coursework. Students should refer to the course descriptions in the undergraduate catalog for any prerequisites for each course.

    The minor is open to all juniors and seniors, with the exception of students majoring in Health Education and Behavior.

    Required Courses

    Must be successfully completed before taking the specialization electives.
    Courses Credits
    HSC 3032 Foundations of Health Education 3
    HSC 3102 Personal and Family Health 3
    HSC 3201 Community and Environmental Health
    Requires STA 2023 with a C or better
    Specialization electives 6
    Total 15
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    Specialization Electives

    Courses Credits
    HSC 4133 Human Sexuality Education 3
    HSC 4134 Emotional and Health Counseling 3
    HSC 4143 Drug Education
    Requires APK 2105C with a C or better
    HSC 4174 Behavioral and Environmental Determinants of Obesity 3
    HSC 4233 Patient Health Education 3
    HSC 4574 Nutritional Education for Special Populations
    Requires HUN 2201 with a C or better
    HSC 4579 Women's Health Issues 3
    HSC 4593 HIV/AIDS Education 3
    HSC 4623 Minority Health Issues 3
    HSC 4624 Trends in International Health 3
    HSC 4663 Community Health Methods in Injury Prevention and Control 3
    HSC 4664 Health Communication of Consumers 3
    HSC 4694 Worksite Health Promotion 3
    HSC 4950 Current Topics in Health Education
    Youth health issues, etc.
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