Student Classifications

Classification Explanation
Non-degree Special transient students, qualified high school students, students seeking only a certificate, and other non-degree students permitted to register at UF
Freshman Students with fewer than 30 credits earned
Sophomore Students who have earned 30 credits and who have fewer than 60 credits
Junior Students who have earned 60 credits and have fewer than 90 credits
Senior Students who have earned 90 credits or more
Fifth Year Students who have earned 120 credits or more and who are candidates for a degree in a program that normally requires 10 semesters
Post-Bac Undergraduate Degree-holding students who have been admitted to postbaccalaureate status
Graduate-7 Graduate students seeking a first master's degree
Graduate-8 Graduate students who have earned a master's degree, or who have earned 36 or more credits while seeking a graduate degree, who have not been admitted to doctoral candidacy
Graduate-9 Graduate students who have been admitted to doctoral candidacy