The Architecture Minor introduces the role of architecture in the design, making, and sustaining of the built environment. Students completing the minor in architecture graduate with a more versatile and well-rounded skillset sought by many disciplines, industries, professions, and graduate programs.

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The School of Architecture recognizes design as a synthesis of thinking, analyzing and making — an iterative process that engages, issues of space, historical precedent, sustainability, ecology, urbanity, landscape, built-form, and construction toward innovation. The School of Architecture is uniquely positioned to respond to these issues by deploying studio based design methodologies in collaboration with a new generation of experts in engineering, ecology, business, anthropology, energy, fine arts, medicine, and construction.
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This minor is open to all UF undergraduates. Interested students must meet with the DCP College Advisor to apply. Additional courses may apply to the minor with advisor approval.

Transfer students may transfer up to 6 approved credits and must submit syllabus material to the DCP College Advisor prior to admittance approval. Because there is no non-UF equivalent for ARC 1000, and as it is required for minor, it is taught Summer B and Fall semesters.

Architecture major students who switch their major prior to the end of their second year can count ARC 1701 and ARC 1702 towards the minor, one as a substitute for ARC 1720. Coursework may also count towards requirements for other DCP minors such as BSSBE minor. Additional 3000- and 4000-level electives may be considered with an advisor’s approval.

Required Courses

9 of the 15 credits must be taken at UF and 6 credits must be at 3000-level or higher.

ARC 1000Architecture and Humanity (Taught Summer B and Fall)3
ARC 1720Survey of Architecture History3
Approved electives9
Total Credits15

Approved Electives

ARC 1101Places and Spaces (Taught Summer B and Fall)3
ARC 3291Special Studies in Architecture1-6
ARC 3743Architectural History 3 (Taught Fall)3
ARC 3880Sustainable Architecture (Taught Spring)3
ARC 4220Architectural Theory 2 (Taught Fall)3
ARC 4930Special Topics Seminar in Architecture1-6
DCP 4300AI in the Built Environment (Taught Fall and Spring)3
Approved Quest 1 Course3
Places and Spaces (Taught Summer B and Fall)
Special Topics (What is a City?)
Special Topics (Globalization Cities Cinema)