About this Program

To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements.

The Hispanic and Latin American Languages, Literatures and Cultures major offers the opportunity to gain proficiency in Spanish and/or Portuguese, two of the most important languages spoken in the United States, the Western Hemisphere and the world. The department offers courses of study in language, culture, linguistics, and literature, as well as a series of courses in languages for the professions, which focus on medical, legal,  business and other professional contexts.

By studying the literary and linguistic heritage of Spanish and Portuguese, students gain critical reading and writing skills that help them acquire and refine their abilities to speak, understand, read and write one of both of these languages.

The Spanish track focuses on the language and culture of Spain and Spanish-America, while the Portuguese track stresses the language and culture of Brazil, with complementary study of Portugal and Lusophone Africa. The combined track recognizes the increasingly prominent roles that Brazil, Spain and Latin America all play in international affairs, especially as they relate to Florida. Spanish- and Portuguese-speakers constitute the fastest growing immigrant populations in Florida. Studying both languages and cultures provide a competitive edge for those seeking careers in business, industry, tourism, health care, agricultural affairs, government, and education.

Coursework for the Major

The different tracks within the Hispanic and Latin American Languages, Literatures and Cultures major require different coursework, depending on the student focus.

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