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Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management Certificate 

This certificate trains students in the applications of artificial intelligence and data analytics in tourism, hospitality, and event management. Students have the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and practice in areas such as artificial intelligence trends, analytic skills, machine learning concepts, technology applications, opportunities, and challenges in industries.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.


  • Current UF undergraduates.
  • 2.0 overall GPA.
  • Open to students in any major.

Required Courses

HFT 4442Artificial Intelligence Revolutions and Applications in Tourism, Hospitality, and Events3
HFT 4746Smart Cities, Attractions, and Theme Parks3
Select one:3
GIS and Spatial Analysis for Tourism and Social Data
LEI 4930
Data Mining with Social Data
Total Credits9

Artificial Intelligence in Public Health and Healthcare Certificate

The Artificial Intelligence in Public Health and Healthcare certificate is for those seeking to acquire fundamental knowledge, ethical decision-making, and applied skills in artificial intelligence applications in public health practice and healthcare settings.

About this Program

Entry Requirements

  • Junior or senior level standing
  • STA 2023 or equivalent


PHC 3793Higher Thinking for Healthy Humans: AI in Healthcare and Public Health3
PHC 3621Ethics in Artificial Intelligence: Who’s Protecting Our Health3
PHC 4792Data Visualization in the Health Sciences3
Total Credits9

Geographic Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Certificate 

GeoAI, the integration of Geography and AI, provides novel approaches for addressing a variety of geospatial challenges in the real world. This certificate develops transferable skills in GeoAI to address issues affecting the environment and societies. GeoAI training is critical given projected growth ~16% in this industry by 2050. 


For this certificate program, the course prerequisites vary depending on what courses are selected. It is possible to take this certificate and satisfy the prerequisites from the courses listed, for example:  

In this way ONLY the courses taken are required with no additional prerequisites and with GIS 3043 serving as the prereq for the higher-level courses.  

Required Courses

GIS 2114The World & Big Data3
or GIS 2002 The Digital Earth
GIScience techniques course (select one)3-4
Foundations of Geographic Information Systems
Aerial Photo Interpretation
Digital Image Processing
GIS Programming
Spatial Surface Modeling and Geostatistics
Pragmatic Python for Weather
Spatial Analysis of Atmospheric Data using GIS
GIScience applications course (select one)3
GIS Models for Public Health
Introduction to Spatial Networks
GIS Analysis of Hazard Vulnerability
Applications in GIS for Zoonoses and Disease Ecology
Population GIS
Radar and Satellite Meteorology
Capstone GeoAI course3
GeoAI – Geographic Artificial Intelligence
Total Credits12-13