Theatre Performance


The curricula are reflective of a 21st century approach to Theatre Performance. They are inclusive of specialized skills, practical courses, and scholarly work in preparation for the profession. The specializations prepare students by providing a well-rounded education in performance that requires students to learn a variety of techniques as well as examine the art and professional practices through multiple lenses. Along with unified learning outcomes, the specializations offer flexibility in areas of study that aligns with students’ interest and learning goals.

About this Program

To graduate with this major, students must complete all university, college, and major requirements.

School Information

The School of Theatre + Dance provides an intimate setting where students, faculty, and staff interact in constant and close collaboration. Curricular programs are suited to a range of student interests and talents, from the liberal arts BA degree to the competitive BFA and MFA professional training degrees.


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Placement in the BFA Theatre program is determined by audition or portfolio interview. There are two specialization areas in the program: Acting, and Musical Theatre. Students enrolled in Theatre Performance: acting or musical theatre will proceed through studio coursework by demonstrated proficiency.

Transfer students entering the musical theatre program may be required to take a placement exam by the School of Music for placement in music courses. If a student has earned college credit with a minimum grade of C for music courses taken at another SUS institution with course prefixes and the last three digits matching a UF music course, this is usually granted as transfer credit when evaluated by the music faculty.

All theatre majors should consult the academic advisor as early as possible.