About this Program

This minor is only open to undergraduate students majoring in business or accounting.

All courses for the minor must be taken for letter grade. All attempts at courses for the minor will be averaged into the minor GPA. All 3000/4000-level courses required for the minor must be taken at UF or via a study abroad program that is pre-approved by the Heavener School of Business. Flexible learning courses will not count toward the minor.

Required Courses

ISM 3013Introduction to Information Systems4
ISM 4113Business Systems Design and Applications2
ISM 4210Database Management2
ISM 4220Business Data Communications 12
MAC 2233Survey of Calculus 13
Approved electives4
Total Credits17

Approved Electives

ISM 3254Business Systems 12
ISM 3255Business Systems 22
ISM 4330Information Systems and Operations Strategy2
QMB 4701Managerial Operations Analysis 12
QMB 4702Managerial Operations Analysis 22

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