This minor exposes students to an industry that is global, technical, and robust. It teaches how retailers procure merchandise, understand strategic analytics, and adapt to constantly changing markets to remain competitive. Along with academic theory, students studying this minor are exposed and encouraged to network with industry executives to understand state of the art practices and learn from those practicing in the channels. As they approach senior year, students will be challenged to experience managerial positions with supervised retail internships in both stores and support centers.

About this Program

Department Information

The Marketing Department is a recognized leader in the discipline of marketing. For over a decade, the department’s faculty has ranked as one of the most productive and influential in the field, and is known for conducting provocative, cutting-edge research that contributes both to the scientific understanding and practice of marketing.


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All courses must be taken for letter grade (except for MAR 2290 and MAR 4945) at UF or via an approved study abroad program.

Students who completed FIN 3403, MAN 3025, or MAR 3023 at another Florida public university can petition the school to take a higher-level course in that discipline to satisfy requirements for the minor.

Flexible learning courses will not count toward the minor.

Required Courses

FIN 3403Business Finance 14
MAN 3025Principles of Management 14
MAR 2290Retail Management Seminar1
MAR 3023Principles of Marketing 14
MAR 3231Introduction to Retailing Systems and Management 14
MAR 4945Retail Management Internship1
Approved electives3
Total Credits21


 Approved Electives

MAR 3503Consumer Behavior 14
MAR 4403Sales Management 14
Any Special Topics retailing course 24