Engineering Innovation


Graduates with this minor across all engineering disciplines are better prepared to enter the market place as innovators and leaders in myriad technology-centric industries. The minor provides the academic background for graduates to think more creatively, innovatively, and entrepreneurially. Graduates are more rounded with innovation skill sets that enhance career advancement opportunities, either for employers or in their own entrepreneurial pursuits.

About this Program

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Open to all Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering majors. Students can only complete one UF Innovation minor. Students cannot earn both the Engineering Innovation minor and Engineering Innovation certificate. 

The curriculum enhances the engineering discipline with courses in engineering attributes, communications, innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity, leadership, and project management, and can also include an internship/co-op experience. The UF Engineering Innovation Institute oversees this minor.

This minor develops a deep and comprehensive skill set in undergraduate engineering students that can be applied to innovation-driven enterprises as well as in “intrapreneurial” initiatives within larger organizations. The core themes involve creativity, the study of engineering-focused innovations, technological entrepreneurship, leadership of teams focused on technology and engineering, engineering project management, and professional development for engineers.

This minor complements the technical training in the student’s major discipline by providing the tools and knowledge required for engineering innovators.

Required Courses

ENC 3246Professional Communication for Engineers3
EGN 4643Engineering Innovation3
Select 9 credits:9
Fundamentals of the New Engineer
Engineering Design & Society (Freshman Design)
Engineering Entrepreneurship
Engineering Leadership
Divergent Thinking
Fundamentals of Engineering Project Management
Up to 3 credits of the below courses can count towards the 9 credits above:
Work Experience in Biological Engineering
Internship Experience in Biomedical Engineering
Practical Work in Computer Engineering
Co-op Work Experience
Practical Work
Co-Op Work in CISE
Co-op Work Experience
Internship Work Experience
Co-op Work Experience
Practical Work in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-op Work Experience
NSF Fellowship Preparation
Engineering Internship/Co-op
Practicum/Internship/Cooperative Work Experience
Practical Work in Industrial and Systems Engineering
Co-Op Work Experience
Practical Work in Mechanical Engineering
Co-op Work Experience
Co-op Work Experience
Environmental Engineering Internship/Co-op
Co-Op Work Experience
Total Credits15