About this Program


EML 3007Elements of Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer3
or EML 3100 Thermodynamics
ENU 4001Nuclear Engineering Analysis 14
Total Credits7

Required Courses

EGN 3353CFluid Mechanics3
ENU 4103Reactor Analysis and Computation 1: Statics4
ENU 4144Nuclear Power Plant Reactor Systems 13
ENU 4605Radiation Interactions and Sources 14
ENU 4612Nuclear Radiation Detection and Instrumentation3
Total Credits17

Suggested Additional Electives

ENU 4104Reactor Analysis and Computation 2: Dynamics3
ENU 4134Reactor Thermal Hydraulics4
ENU 4145Risk Assessment for Radiation Systems3
ENU 4606Radiation Interactions and Sources 23
ENU 5186Nuclear Fuel Cycles3
ENV 4212Nuclear Power Radioactive Waste Technology3

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