Students in mechanical engineering can apply biomechanics minor coursework toward their science and technical electives.

Required Courses

Select two:6
Bio-Solid Mechanics
Bio-Fluid Mechanics and Bio-Heat Transfer
APK 2100CApplied Human Anatomy with Laboratory4
or APK 2105C Applied Human Physiology with Laboratory
Approved electives6
Total Credits16

Approved Electives

ABE 3000CApplications in Biological Engineering3
ABE 3612CHeat and Mass Transfer in Biological Systems4
ABE 4662Quantification of Biological Processes3
APK 3220CBiomechanical Basis of Movement3
BCH 4024Introduction to Biochemistry and Molecular Biology4
BSC 2010Integrated Principles of Biology 13
BSC 2010LIntegrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 11
BSC 2011Integrated Principles of Biology 23
BSC 2011LIntegrated Principles of Biology Laboratory 21
CHM 2046General Chemistry 23
CHM 2046LGeneral Chemistry 2 Laboratory1
CHM 2096Chemistry for Engineers 23
CHM 2200Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry3
CHM 2200LFundamentals of Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 13
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 23
CHM 2211LOrganic Chemistry Laboratory2
OTH 3413CApplied Kinesiology3
OTH 4412Musculoskeletal Anatomy3
OTH 4412LMusculoskeletal Anatomy Laboratory2
PHZ 4710Introduction to Biological physics3
STA 3032Engineering Statistics3

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