About this Program

The educational studies minor provides an understanding of the purpose and function of education and the social and psychological forces that affect young people. The minor is not intended as a path to teacher certification.


  • Students must apply for the minor after earning 45 credits and before earning 100 credits.
  • A 2.0 minimum GPA is required and all courses must be taken at UF.
  • Students must obtain college approval on the application for minor before submitting the form to G-416 Norman Hall.

Required Courses

Select from at least four of the five sections:15
Section 1
Human Growth and Development
The Adolescent
Educational Psychology
Section 2
History of Education in the United States
Social Foundations of Education
Sociological and Historical Foundations of Education
Section 3
Introduction to Special Education
Exceptional People in School and Society
Section 4
Career and Life Span Planning
Alcohol and Drug Abuse
Stress and Anxiety Management
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Section 5
Measurement and Evaluation in Education
Integrating Technology into the Secondary Curriculum
ESOL Strategies for Content Area Teachers
Total Credits15