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Office of the University Registrar

  • College of Journalism and Communications

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    To earn a bachelor’s degree, a student must satisfy these requirements:

    • Earn at least 124 credits, up to 60 credits of which may be accepted by transfer from another college or university. The last 31 of these credits must be earned while the student is enrolled in classes in this college. A minimum of 72 credits must come from courses outside the college and a minimum of 52 credits must come from inside the college.
    • Earn a minimum 2.0 in all work attempted while an upper-division student and a minimum 2.0 in all work attempted in courses with prefixes ADV, JOU, MMC, PUR, RTV, and VIC.
    • Earn a minimum grade of C in required English, speech and foreign language courses. Advertising majors also must earn minimum grades of C in MAR 3023 and STA 2023. Public relations majors must earn a minimum grade of C in STA 2023.

    According to the student's major, minimum grades of C are also required in

    • ADV 3001, ADV 3008, ADV 3500, ADV 4101, ADV 4300, ADV 4800, ADV 4940(graded S/U; S grade required)
    • All JOU and MMC courses (D grade allowed in MMC 4200)
    • PUR 3000, PUR 3500, PUR 3801, PUR 4100, PUR 4103, PUR 4404C, PUR 4800, PUR 4905, PUR 4940(graded S/U; S grade required)
    • RTV 2100, RTV 3001, RTV 3101, RTV 3106, RTV 3303, RTV 3320, RTV 3512, RTV 4301, RTV 4929C, RTV 3305, RTV 3511, RTV 4420, RTV 4432, RTV 4506, RTV 4905, and RTV 4910. RTV4940 (graded S/U; S grade required)
    • VIC 3001 (all majors)
    • Students earning grades below C must retake the course or its equivalent.

    Policy for Unsuccessful Completion of Required Courses

    Students who complete a course and do not earn at least the minimum grade required for satisfying a degree requirement may repeat the course once. If they are not successful the second time they may not retake the course. Students may petition this restriction if there are extenuating circumstances.

    Graduating with Honors

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