Advanced Engineering Ceramics


The Advanced Engineering Ceramics certificate enables students to specialize in modern approaches to the analysis of technical ceramic materials. It also helps students from other disciplines enhance their degree by including a dedicated knowledge of a specific material class.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Department Information

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering strives to serve the scientific and engineering community of the state and nation by providing quality education in the field, conducting basic and applied research to enhance science in the field, and supplying short courses, technology transfer, industrial consulting, and distance learning to promote engineering in the field.


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Upon completion of the certificate, students will have a fundamental basis for designing and analyzing structures and components made of advanced technical ceramic materials.

Prerequisite Courses

CHM 2045General Chemistry 13
or CHM 2095 Chemistry for Engineers 1
EMA 3010Materials3
EMA 3050Introduction to Inorganic Materials3

Required Courses

EMA 4144Physical Ceramics 13
EMA 4145Physical Ceramics 23
EMA 4645Processing of Ceramic Materials3
EMA 4041LAdvanced Ceramics Laboratory 11
Total Credits10