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Office of the University Registrar

  • Heavener School of Business

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    The university’s Office of Admissions coordinates freshman admission.

    Transfer Students (on campus programs)

    The Heavener School of Business makes admission decisions for upper-division transfer applicants who have earned 60 or more college credits. Only applicants with an A.A. or A.S. degree from a Florida public or state college will be considered for admission. Students seeking transfer from other universities or out-of-state schools may be considered for admission on a space-available basis. Transfer students who are admitted by another UF college/school are not eligible for admission to the Heavener School of Business.

    Transfer applicants’ academic catalog year guarantees their graduation requirements, but not their admission requirements. Admission and preprofessional course and GPA requirements are subject to change without notice for students who are not enrolled in the Heavener School.

    Transfer applicants are admitted in the fall, spring and summer C terms. Florida public and state college transfer students are considered for admission if they fulfill all Heavener School transfer admission requirements. Students who do not have a complete application on file by the application deadline will not be considered for admission and must reapply for a subsequent term. After being admitted, transfer students are required to attend UF’s transfer orientation program.

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    Current UF Students

    UF students who matriculated as freshmen can change to a business major if they have a 3.0 UF GPA with no critical-tracking courses completed or a 2.0 UF GPA and a 3.0 critical-tracking GPA. Additionally, students cannot exceed the maximum 130 credits allowed for the degree (excluding AP/IB/AICE/dual enrollment credit). Business majors can change from one business major to another if they are on track and have not completed more than half of their major courses. Upper-division transfer students who are admitted to UF as non-business majors are not eligible for admission to the Heavener School of Business.

    Online Business Program (off-campus program)

    The school makes admission decisions for the online business program, a degree program designed for individuals who live outside of Gainesville or have work and/or family commitments that make traditional campus attendance unfeasible. To be considered for admission, applicants must complete an A.A. or A.S. degree (or have earned 60 transferable credits) and fulfill all of the Heavener School online business program admission requirements. Students who are admitted to this program are not permitted to change to another business major unless they meet the transfer admission requirements for the school’s on campus degree programs.


    UF students who have not attended the university for two consecutive terms must apply for readmission and meet all university readmission requirements. To be eligible for readmission, students must meet Heavener School critical-tracking GPA and course requirements, have a 2.0 UF GPA and no deficits in the core or major/area of specialization GPA and be able to complete a business degree in 130 credits or less. Students who do not meet these requirements should contact an academic advisor.

    Non-Degree Registration

    An individual who wishes to enroll in the Heavener School as a non-degree-seeking student may do so for the summer term only. Non-degree applicants must meet the school’s non-degree registration requirements.

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    Academic Policies

    Academic Advising and Career Coaching: Business majors are expected to register for the proper courses and to fulfill degree requirements in a timely manner. To avoid unnecessary delays in academic progress, students should consult the UF undergraduate catalog to familiarize themselves with university and school policies.

    Heavener School academic advisors and career coaches are available to assist students with scheduling, registration, course selection, major changes, career decisions, professional development, study abroad and related matters. Students are encouraged to speak with an academic advisor each semester to ensure they are on track with their academic and career plans.

    Academic Probation: The school closely monitors the academic progress of its students, requiring them to maintain a 2.0 UF, core and major/area of specialization GPA. Students who do not meet these requirements are placed on academic probation for a maximum of two semesters. Students who do not meet the terms of their probation will be prohibited from continuing in a business major.

    Dean’s List: Business majors who complete 12-14 credits and earn a 3.7 GPA or higher (or 15 credits or more and a 3.5 GPA or higher) in the fall, spring, or summer semester are named to the dean's list. Courses taken S-U (i.e., pass/fail) do not count toward the required credits. Students who make the dean's list will receive a certificate of recognition for their achievement.

    Dropping and Adding Courses: The school adheres to all university drop/add policies and deadlines. Students who wish to drop and add a course after the initial drop/add period in the first week of each semester will be fee liable for both courses unless they can provide documentation of administrative error. Students who have used their two lower or upper division drops can petition the school for additional drops if they can document an extenuating circumstance.

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    Dual Degrees: With approval from an academic advisor, business majors are permitted to earn two UF undergraduate degrees concurrently (one in the Heavener School and one in another college/school, except for Liberal Arts and Sciences - economics). Dual degree students should plan to complete both degrees in eight fall/spring semesters (or four fall/spring semesters for transfer students). Students pursuing dual degrees must complete coursework for both degrees simultaneously, adhere to the academic plan approved by their academic advisor and graduate in the designated semester. Journalism majors are eligible to pursue the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - general studies (BABA-GBA) degree only.

    Flexible Learning: Business majors must have prior approval from an academic advisor to take flexible learning courses. No more than six credits of flexible learning coursework can be used to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements. Flexible learning courses cannot be taken to fulfill required core, major, area of specialization or restricted elective courses. Students on academic probation are not permitted to take flexible learning courses.

    International Study: Business undergraduates are encouraged to study abroad for at least one semester. Students must be in good academic standing and have a 2.5 overall UF GPA (or a minimum 3.0 UF GPA if applying for a Warrington exchange program). Refer to the Heavener School study abroad program for details, scholarship opportunities and advisor contact information.

    Normal Course Load: The school’s degree programs are designed for full-time study. Students are encouraged to register for 15 credits and are expected to register for a minimum of 12 credits each fall and spring. Students must petition the Heavener School to take more than 18 credits in a single term.

    S-U Grade Option: Business majors can use the S-U grade option for free elective courses only. All other required courses, including critical-tracking, general education, core business, major or area of specialization and restricted elective courses, must be taken for a letter grade. Students can request to take only one S-U course per term using the S-U grade option, although they can take other pre-established S-U graded courses.

    Transfer Coursework: Florida public or state college students who have taken equivalent business core or major courses at another institution will be required to retake the course at UF or petition the Heavener School to take a higher-level course in the same subject area. Additional credits will not be earned when repeating equivalent courses. Waiving a required course does not reduce the total credits required for graduation.

    Transient Coursework: With approval from an academic advisor, business majors may take critical-tracking, general education and free elective courses at another accredited institution. Students should refer to the school’s guidelines and instructions. UF students who are in Florida but away from Gainesville have the option to take UF core business courses online in the fall, spring and summer terms.

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