GEB 2015 Introduction to Business 1 Credit

Introduces the business world by focusing on various disciplines within business and management. Also introduces personal and professional development opportunities that enhance career preparedness.

GEB 2951 Special Projects 1-3 Credits

Projects related to business as approved by the college. (S-U)

GEB 3017 Leading Organizations 4 Credits

Provides a Strategic Foundation for Leadership Practice in a Variety of Professions. Increases the Capacity to Lead With and Without Authority, Across Boundaries, and From Any Political or Organizational Position.

Prereq: MAN 3025.

GEB 3035 Effective Career Management in Business 4 Credits

Systematically designed course based on the cognitive information processing theory for career problem solving and decision-making. Delivered via modularized multimedia instructional materials. The course is designed to inform students about career planning and management interventions and to accommodate students at different levels of decidedness about their career aspirations.

GEB 3213 Professional Writing in Business 3 Credits

Teaches business students fundamental written communication skills focusing on those areas central to professional writing in business. (C) (WR)

General Education - Composition

GEB 3218 Professional Speaking in Business 3 Credits

Teaches fundamental oral communication skills necessary for succeeding in a business setting including presentations and speeches, interpersonal skills and interviewing.

GEB 3219 Writing and Speaking in Business 4 Credits

Online content teaches business students the fundamentals of both written and spoken communication, enabling them to express their ideas effectively and efficiently and to prepare them for the demands of the business workspace. (C) (WR)

General Education - Composition

GEB 3373 International Business 4 Credits

Exposes the business environments (culture, politics, laws and economics) encountered in other parts of the world; to the tools and skills necessary to analyze the potential of other countries as locations for production, distribution and marketing; to how managing and integrating international operations in many parts of the world differs from the domestic focus of many business courses; and to the broad perspective required of successful managers working in international business.

Prereq: MAN 3025 and MAR 3023.

GEB 3523 Business Case Analysis 2 Credits

Introduces case analysis and prepares students for national and international case competitions.

GEB 4905 Individual Work 1-4 Credits

Reading and/or research in business administration.

GEB 4906 Independent Study 1-4 Credits

Reading and research in business administration. (S-U)

GEB 4911 Undergraduate Research in Business 0-4 Credits

Provides an opportunity for firsthand, supervised research in business. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application in business.

GEB 4930 Special Topics 1-4 Credits

Variable content provides an opportunity for in-depth study of topics not offered in other courses and topics of special current significance.

Prereq: department permission.

GEB 4932 Professional Development Module 2 Credits

Presents techniques for outstanding presentation and public speaking skills. Includes a significant service learning component whereby students apply presentation techniques developed in the classroom via business-oriented instruction in the K-12 school system.

GEB 4941 Internship in Business Administration 1-4 Credits

Applied work in business administration that requires several papers and reports. (S-U)

Prereq: undergraduate programs director permission.

GEB 4956 International Studies in Business 1-18 Credits

Provides a mechanism by which coursework taken as part of an approved study abroad program can be recorded on the UF transcript and counted toward graduation.

Prereq: admission to an approved UF study abroad program and undergraduate programs director permission.

GEB 4970 Honors Thesis 1 Credit

A thesis is required for the awarding of the magna cum laude or summa cum laude designation. To qualify for the thesis option, students will normally have completed 90 semester credits of coursework (exceptions may be made by the honors coordinator of the student's major department) and must have at least the 3.6 grade point average required for magna cum laude designation at the time they enroll. The thesis will be reviewed by at least one faculty member chosen by the honors coordinator from the student's major department. (S-U)

Prereq: senior standing and 3.6 UF GPA.