ANT 3390 Visual Anthropology 3 Credits

Uses photography and film as tools and products of social science. Ways of describing, analyzing and presenting behavior and cultural ideas through visual means. Projects and laboratory work with visual anthropology. (WR)

Prereq: basic knowledge of photography or instructor permission.


ARH 4471 Late Twentieth Century Art 3 Credits

Continuation of ARH 4453. Main movements in international art since about 1970 to the present. Focuses on the theory and various expressions of Post-Modernism. (H and N)

Prereq: ARH 2051, and art major or art history minor.

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

ARH 4710 History of Photography 3 Credits

Surveys major technical, stylistic, and critical directions in photography from the 19th century to the present. (H and N)

Prereq: ARH 2051, and art major or art history minor.

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

ART 3842C Performance and Installation 3 Credits

Explores the complex relationships among object, body, site, space, and architecture using various visual media in the creation of installation and performance art.

Prereq: ART 2701C or ART 2702C.

ART 3959C Video Art 3 Credits

Explores video with an emphasis on editing and building a personal vocabulary through the electronic image.

Prereq: DIG 2131C, DIG 2282C and junior-level digital media major.

ART 4630C Video Art: Advanced Projects 3 Credits

Focuses on the completion of larger scale student-directed projects with a special emphasis on pre-production planning and advanced editing techniques.

Prereq: ART 3959C.

ART 4631C Computer Art: Advanced Projects 6 Credits

Advanced work in computer-mediated art, including animation and interactive works in both the physical and virtual domain, with special emphasis on completion of larger scale student-directed projects.

EME 4401 Integrating Technology in the Elementary Curriculum 3 Credits

Prepares elementary majors to effectively use technology in teaching and learning.

Prereq: EME 2040.

ENG 3113 The Movies as Narrative Art 4 Credits

Examines movies as a mode of storytelling by emphasizing the difference between verbal and visual narration, and relation to contemporary thought and values.

ENG 3115 Introduction to Film: Criticism and Theory 4 Credits

Introduces the principal theoretical and critical issues raised by the first century of the cinema.


ENG 3121 History of Film, Part 1 4 Credits

History of film from its beginnings to the introduction of sound.


ENG 3122 History of Film, Part 2 4 Credits

History of film from the introduction of sound to 1960.


ENG 3125 History of Film, Part 3 4 Credits

History of film from 1960 to the present.

ENG 4130 Race and Ethnicity in Film 4 Credits

Critical and historical study of films and videos by and about people of color in the Americas, Africa, Australia and Europe.

ENG 4133 Film Studies 4 Credits

Variable topics provide in-depth study of film genres, notable film directors, and other significant topics on subjects related to film.

ENG 4134 Women and Film 4 Credits

Studies the roles and function of women in mainstream and alternative cinema, including study of feminist film criticism and theories of gender.

ENG 4135 National Cinemas 4 Credits

Variable topics study of the films of historically important national cinemas, such as American, French, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese.

ENG 4136 Film and Video Production 4 Credits

Seminar on the independent and experimental uses of small-format film and video production.

ENG 4139 Television and Electronic Culture 4 Credits

Explores the development of new modes of thought, forms of art, popular culture, and social practices based on the electronic technology of video and computers.

FRT 3520 French Cinema 4-8 Credits

Critical, theoretical and historical study of French cinema. Topics will be announced. Content may include key directors, 1930s cinema, nostalgia and masculinity in 1980s films, World War II cinema, and Colonial and Postcolonial cinema. Open to French majors and non-majors and is taught in English. (H and N)

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

IDS 4906 Interdisciplinary Thesis Research 1-12 Credits

Research accommodation for thesis. (WR)

Coreq: refer to the department.


ITT 3521 Italian Cinema 4 Credits

Critical and historical study of Italian film and directors. Topics may vary. (H and N)

General Education - Humanities
General Education - International

JPT 3391 Introduction to Japanese Film 4 Credits

Introduces the formal and historical features of Japanese film that have given it a unique position in film history. Emphasizes formal and critical analysis as well as the intellectual stakes of studying non-western film.

LIT 3362 The Age of the Avant-Garde 3 Credits

Examines the revolutionary experimentalist aspects of modern and contemporary culture, such as cubism, surrealism, structuralism, and conceptualism.

PGY 3410C Photography: Color 3 Credits

Consideration of the use and technique of color photography. Covers cameras, films, and darkroom developing techniques.

Prereq: PGY 2441C, PGY 2442C, and junior-level art major.

PGY 3444C Photography: Black and White 3 Credits

Fundamentals of photography, operation of the camera and developing, printing, and enlarging. Principles of photography as a means of personal expression.

Prereq: PGY 2441C, PGY 2442C, and junior-level art major.

PGY 3820C Photography: Digital 3 Credits

Studio methods and techniques in creating still images using electronic digital technology.

Prereq: DIG 2131C, PGY 2441C, PGY 2442C, and junior-level art major.

PGY 4420C Advanced Photography 6 Credits

Use of the camera as a medium of individual creative expression. Experimental projects in black and white and color photography.

Can be repeated with a change in content. Prereq: PGY 3410C, PGY 3421C, PGY 3444C, PGY 3820C, and senior-level art major.

TPA 3217 Introduction to Lighting and Sound 4 Credits

Introduces electricity and technical skills basic to lighting and sound technology.

TPP 3103 Acting 2: Analysis and Application 3 Credits

Experimentation with scripted material: scene study, analysis, audition and performance.

Prereq: refer to the department.

TPP 3311 Directing 3 Credits

Practical application of theoretical concepts of directing applied to scene study.

Prereq: refer to the department.