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Unless otherwise indicated in the course description, all courses at the University of Florida are taught in English, with the exception of specific foreign language courses.

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The Center for European Studies (CES), housed within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS), is an interdisciplinary area studies center focused on the study of Europe, and facilitating the training of scholars and experts in European studies in the United States. In addition to the minors, certificates, and major, the center offers study abroad programs in Europe and various scholarships and grants for undergraduates.


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HNG 1130 Beginning Hungarian 1 5 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

This course and its sequel, HNG 1131, constitute the basic sequence in Hungarian.

HNG 1131 Beginning Hungarian 2 5 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Second semester of basic sequence in Hungarian.

Prerequisite: HNG 1130 with minimum grade of C, or S, or the equivalent.

HNG 1180 Elementary Hungarian: Review and Progress 1 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Alternative to HNG 1130, for students who have some experience in Hungarian. Reviews basic grammar and improves reading, writing and listening skills.

HNG 1182 Elementary Hungarian: Review and Progress 2 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

An accelerated one-semester coverage of HNG 1130 and HNG 1131 for students with some experience in Hungarian.

Prerequisite: instructor permission.