European Union Studies


The European Union Studies certificate provides the opportunity to gain multidisciplinary expertise in EU-related affairs.

About this Program

Certificates must contain at least nine credits of coursework that are unique to that program out of all other certificates and minors.

Center Information

The Center for European Studies (CES), housed within the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (CLAS), is an interdisciplinary area studies center focused on the study of Europe, and facilitating the training of scholars and experts in European studies in the United States. In addition to the minors, certificates, and major, the center offers study abroad programs in Europe and various scholarships and grants for undergraduates.


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The certificate program is open to all undergraduates. To be eligible, students must have a minimum 2.5 overall GPA and a 3.0 GPA in their declared major. Completion of the certificate requires a combined 3.0 GPA for all certificate coursework.

At least nine credits of coursework must be unique to the European Union Studies certificate out of all other certificates and minors.

Required Courses

EUS 4210/POS 4931Politics and Institutions of the European Union3
or INR 4531 Politics of the European Union
Core Course
Select one:3
European Union and Its Enlargement
European Economic Integration: Politics and Policy
Turkey and the EU: History, Present and the Future
Individual Work (for students interested in EU internships)
Jean Monnet Special Seminar: the EU Today
Seminar in European Union Studies
Overseas Study in Europe (EU and the World; UF in Brussels Study Abroad)
Overseas Study in Europe (EU Environmental Policy; UF in Florence Study Abroad)
Overseas Studies (Economics & Politics of the EU; UF in Salzburg Study Abroad)
Or select a course from an approved list 1
Enhanced Courses
Select two:6
Any course approved by the Center for European Studies, see approved list
Total Credits12

Center for European Studies approved list.