Israel Studies


The Israel Studies Certificate at the Center for Jewish Studies allows students to demonstrate a concerted course specialization on the cross-disciplinary topic of Israel Studies. 

About this Program

Certificates must contain at least nine credits of coursework that are unique to that program out of all other certificates and minors.

Center Information

The Center for Jewish Studies promotes academic study of Jewish culture, history, and politics for all students at the University of Florida. The Center’s curriculum encourages critical thinking, textual analysis, research, oral argumentation, and writing. The Center has scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as study abroad opportunities.



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The certificate does not have a language requirement. Some scholarships are available for the (overseas) study of historically Jewish languages, including Modern Hebrew, as well as a few European and Middle Eastern languages. Students take one required introductory course; one survey course; one course in arts and literature; one in society, politics, and culture; as well as one elective.

Students who complete the required courses and take language courses, or additional topical courses in Jewish Studies, may also meet the requirements for the minor or major degree. For example: if a student takes courses for a certificate as well as a minor in Jewish Studies, together with a professional or other major, they may qualify for a double major. Students should consider these options as early as possible, as changes to their Jewish Studies degree program may take up to an academic year to complete.  

Each student should work with the JST undergraduate coordinator regarding their course audit to ensure that the courses are applied to the certificate in the categories listed below.

Application Requirements

  • Sophomore standing or higher from any UF college or major.
  • 2.5 UF GPA

Required Courses

JST 3930Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Introduction to Israel Studies)3
Jewish Studies Survey Course (select one):3
CPO 4727 / JST 4931 Judaism and Politics
EUH 3247 / JST 3930 Holocaust in the Courtroom
EUH 3033 / JST 3930 History of the Holocaust
REL 3213 / JST 3930 Hebrew Bible as Literature
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Introduction to Jewish Studies)
Arts and Literature (select one):3
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (The Israeli-Arab Conflict on Screen and Stage )
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Passing in Hebrew Literature )
Gender and the Hebrew Bible
Society, Politics, and Culture (select one):3
CPO 3410 / JST 3930 Israeli Politics and Society
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Arab-Israeli Conflict )
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Holocaust Memory in Israel )
Special Topics in Jewish Studies (Representation of Race in Israel )
Elective (select one):3
CPO 3011 / JST 3930 Culture and Politics: Jews and Muslims
JST 3930 Religion, Law, and Politics: Israel in Comparative Perspective
Colloquium in Jewish Studies (Critical Theory and the Jew)
Colloquium in Jewish Studies (Russian Jews)
Dead Sea Scrolls and Early Jewish Literature
The Pentateuch
Total Credits15