Data, Science, and Technology in Sociocultural Contexts


Understanding how data, science, and technology shape and are shaped by sociocultural contexts and woven into contemporary life is critical for preparing students for a modern workforce. The Certificate in Data, Science, & Technology in Sociocultural Contexts introduces students to scholarship about sociocultural contexts, data, algorithm studies, and science and technology studies. It equips students to develop foundational tools of inquiry and critical analysis needed to approach data, science, and technology such as AI within sociocultural contexts. This includes how data, science, and technology are shaped in sociocultural contexts and how they can impact those contexts and various communities. 

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Department Information

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The certificate program is open to all undergraduates. 

At least 6 credits toward the certificate must be at the 3000-level or above.

Students take one 3-credit course from the foundation course options to gain grounding in theory and scholarship about relevant sociocultural contexts and issues. In addition, students take two courses (6 credits) from the set of options to learn theory and scholarship specific to data, science, and technology in sociocultural contexts.

Required Courses

Select one foundations course:3
Humanities Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
Social Science Perspectives on Gender and Sexuality
Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Women's Studies
Sexualities Studies
Transnational Feminism
Latinx Sexualities
Gender, Culture, and Place
Futures and Foundations of Black Feminist Theory
Select two to learn theory and scholarship specific to data, science, and technology in sociocultural contexts:6
Gender, Race and Science
History of American Medicine: Race, Class, Gender, and Science
Data Feminisms
Gender, Race, and the Future of AI
History of Women's Medicine
Total Credits9