About this Program

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

Required Courses

IDS 2154Facets of Sustainability3
Select five approved electives with at least one from each cluster: 115
Cluster A: Ethics, Culture and Human Behavior
Cluster B: Economics, Law and Policy
Cluster C: Production Systems and the Built Environment
Cluster D: Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
Total Credits18

Students may apply to enroll in IDS 4942, a 3-credit capstone course that has a service learning, internship, or integrative research project component. If accepted into this capstone course students need only complete four cluster courses (12 credits), one from each of the four clusters.

Approved Cluster Courses

Courses for each cluster include those listed as approved cluster courses for the sustainability studies major, plus the following options:

Cluster A
AMH 2631History of Sustainability3
ANT 2402Anthropology of Sustainability3
CLA 2521Classical Antiquity and Sustainability (GE-H)3
REL 2071Sustainability and Religion (GE-H)3
Cluster B
POS 2032Politics of Sustainability (GE-S)3
Cluster C
No additional courses
Cluster D
BSC 2862Global Change Ecology and Sustainability (GE-B)3

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