About this Program


  • Open only to Innovation Academy students.
  • All courses for the minor must be completed at UF.
  • Flexible learning courses will not apply toward the minor.

With advance approval from the Innovation Academy office, additional 2000-level and above courses may be substituted for required courses.

Required Courses

IDS 1940Creativity in Context2
IDS 1359Creativity in Action2
ENT 3003Principles of Entrepreneurship3-4
or EGN 4641 Engineering Entrepreneurship
AEC 3410Fostering Innovation through Leadership3-4
or EGS 4038 Engineering Leadership
or GEB 3017 Leading Organizations
PHI 3641Conduct, Change and Consequences: Making Ethical Decisions3
ENT 4015The Venture Accelerator2
or IDS 4950 Innovation Academy Senior Project
Total Credits15-17