Public Service


The Public Service minor, offered by the Bob Graham Center for Public Service, provides a foundational understanding of how government and nonprofit organizations operate to serve the public. Coursework focuses on public administration, public policy, leadership, organizational management, and ethics in public service, preparing students for careers in the private and public sectors and with nonprofit organizations. The minor complements any major and appeals to students who wish to serve the public good and develop into community leaders.

About this Program

Center Information

The Bob Graham Center was established in 2006 with the goal of creating a community of students, scholars, and citizens who share a commitment to revitalizing the civic culture of Florida and the nation. Former Governor and U. S. Senator Bob Graham founded the Center as a place where students acquire the skills and knowledge to become informed citizens, with the expressed purpose of strengthening the nation’s democratic institutions.


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Students pursuing the minor are expected to engage in the intellectual life of the Bob Graham Center for Public Service by participating in public lectures, workshops, seminars, and civic engagement opportunities the Center offers.

The experiential learning component of the minor can be pursued through one of the internships offered by the Bob Graham Center for Public Service or through any other internship or research experience oriented toward public service.

Students must have a 2.50 GPA for admission to the minor and should normally apply during the sophomore or junior year, though they may apply later if able to complete all requirements for the minor within a timely manner that does not delay graduation. Students may apply for the minor through ONE.UF.

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward their major(s) or other minors.

Required Courses

IDS 2338Democratic Engagement and Public Leadership3
IDS 4930Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (Managing and Leading Public Service Organizations)3
PUP 3002Current Controversies in Public Policy3
Experiential learning component; select one (S/U only):0-6
Undergraduate Research in Interdisciplinary Studies
Political Internship
Approved electives6
Total Credits15-21

Approved Electives

AEC 3414Leadership Development3
AEC 4417Leadership for Personal and Organizational Change3
AEC 4434Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams3
AEC 4465Global Leadership3
AFA 3930Special Topics in African American Studies (American Civil Liberties)3
AFA 3930Special Topics in African American Studies (Race, Law, and the Constitution)3
AFA 3930Special Topics in African American Studies (Social Movements and the Internet)3
BUL 4310The Legal Environment of Business4
COM 3225Global and Cultural Issues in Health Communication3
COM 4930Special Topics in Communication (Communication and Leadership)3
ECO 2310Economics of Sustainability3
ECP 3302Environmental Economics and Resource Policy4
ENC 3254Professional Writing in the Discipline (Writing for Nonprofits)3
FNR 4660Natural Resource Policy and Economics3
FYC 4408Organizational Leadership for Nonprofits3
FYC 4409Working with Nonprofit Organizations in Community Settings3
FYC 4410Fund Raising for Community Nonprofit Organizations3
FYC 4428Human Resource Management for Nonprofits3
HSA 3111US Health Care System3
IDS 4930Special Topics in Interdisciplinary Studies (Florida Legislative Politics)1-3
JOU 3365Artificial Intelligence in Media and Society3
MMC 4200Law of Mass Communication3
PAD 3003Introduction to Public Administration3
PHC 4101Public Health Concepts3
POS 3233Politics and Public Opinion3
POS 3263Policy, Ethics and Public Leadership3
POS 4074Latino Politics and Policy3
POS 4077African American Politics and Policy3
POS 4424Legislative Politics3
POS 4463Interest Group Politics3
POS 4931Special Topics in Political Science (Food Politics)3
POS 4931Special Topics in Political Science (Religion and Public Policy)3
PUP 3323Women in Politics3
PUP 4224Florida Environmental Politics3
PUR 4442Public Interest Communications3
PUR 4480Political Communication3
PUR 4932Special Study (Nonprofits: A Communicator's Perspective)1
SYO 3534Poverty3
WST 3663Gender and Food Politics3