The Physics minor consists of the complete sequence in general physics, modern physics, and two 3000/4000-level courses in the Physics major course sequence. Students should consult a physics advisor and obtain the required approval no later than the beginning of the junior year.

About this Program

Department Information

The Department of Physics is making strides toward becoming one of the premier physics departments in the United States. With active groups in astrophysics, biological physics, condensed matter/materials physics, and elementary particle physics, undergraduate and graduate students participate in cutting-edge research that prepares them for successful careers in a wide variety of fields.


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All 3000/4000-level courses must be taken from the UF Department of Physics. Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

Students pursuing an astronomy major must complete six credits of physics coursework beyond what is required for the astronomy major before they will be approved for the physics minor.

The following cannot count toward this minor:

PHY 3840LBuilding Scientific Equipment2
PHY 4905Individual Work1-4
PHY 4911Undergraduate Research in Physics3

Required Courses

Select one option:8
Option A
Physics with Calculus 1
and Laboratory for Physics with Calculus 1
Physics with Calculus 2
and Laboratory for Physics with Calculus 2
Option B
Laboratory for Physics with Calculus 1
Laboratory for Physics with Calculus 2
Enriched Physics with Calculus 1
Enriched Physics with Calculus 2
PHY 3063Enriched Modern Physics3
or PHY 3101 Introduction to Modern Physics
Two 3000/4000-level courses in the physics major course sequence6
Total Credits17