About this Program

For the minor, students must complete at least five Russian courses beyond the 1000 level. Up to six credits transferred from another institution may be applied toward the minor.

Students are required to take RUS 2220 and one 3000/4000 level RUT course. The remaining credits should be RUS and RUW-prefixed courses at the 3000/4000 level.

Students who place out of RUS 2220 and RUS 3240 (without transfer credits) can apply up to nine credits of RUT courses toward the minor. No more than three credits of RUS 4905 can apply.

Students must complete a minimum of six credits of coursework exclusive to the minor that cannot count toward the major(s) or other minors.

Required Courses

RUS 2220Intermediate Russian 14
RUT course (3000/4000 level)3
RUS and RUW courses (3000/4000 level)8
Total Credits15

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