Medical Anthropology


The Medical Anthropology certificate provides an intensive foundation in medical anthropology for undergraduate anthropology and non-anthropology majors. Courses emphasize the role that biology, culture, language, and prehistory play in human health, and the experience of healing across cultures.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Department Information

Anthropology lies at the intersection of the multiple approaches to the study of humankind that characterize other disciplines – biological, social, cultural, historical, linguistic, cognitive, material, technological and aesthetic – because of its unique holistic perspective. These multiple approaches are encapsulated in the four traditional subfields that have composed the discipline since its establishment in the 19th century: cultural, archaeological, biological and linguistic anthropology.
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The Medical Anthropology certificate provides the opportunity to intensively investigate medical and life science problems through a social science framework which integrates the major elements of anthropology:

  • biological anthropology
  • archaeology
  • cultural anthropology
  • linguistics anthropology


  • Undergraduate student in good standing
  • Department faculty and college dean approval
  • Successful completion of at least one of the following courses:
    ANT 2301Human Sexuality and Culture3
    ANT 2410Cultural Anthropology3
    ANT 2464Things Your Doctor Never Told You: Intro to Medical Anthropology3
    ANT 3514CIntroduction to Biological Anthropology4

Required Courses

Select 12 credits:12
Things Your Doctor Never Told You: Intro to Medical Anthropology
Global Gender Issues
Race and Racism
Food and Culture
Global Health Culture
Hospital Ethnography: Theory, Method, and Ethics
Culture and Medicine
Anthropology of Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Childhood Development
Health and Disease in Human Evolution
Evolutionary Medicine
Special Topics in Anthropology (Whiteness)
Special Topics in Anthropology (Epigenetics and Human Disease)
If approved, select up to 3 credits related to Medical Anthropology:
Junior Topics Class in Anthropology
Special Topics in Anthropology
Approved independent research topics course
Individual Work
Research Projects in Anthropology
Total Credits12