Translation Studies


The Translation Studies certificate prepares students with advanced foreign language proficiency to use these skills in the global marketplace. Learn the foundations of translation theory, and apply an array of tools, methods, and approaches to translation of a variety of texts. In the capstone project, the student translates a text in their area of expertise under the supervision of area, translation, and language specialists.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Admission Requirements

  • An A- or higher in 3rd-year (advanced) language courses in Classics, LLC or SPS
    • OR: high score of proficiency on a standardized language exam or equivalent;
  • At least one writing enhanced course;
  • Informal recommendation from language instructor willing to oversee capstone project;
  • Informal recommendation from instructor in student’s major willing to oversee capstone project.

Required Courses

Core courses6
Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Translation
Advanced Foreign Language Translation Workshop
Language Program elective3
Select one:
Foreign Language Translation for the Professions
Composition and Stylistics
Writing in French
German Text Translation and Generation I
Modern Greek Literature Since 1830
Greek Drama
Greek Historians
Studies in Greek Literature
The Merchant of Venice in Translation
Italian Play
Japanese Translation: Theory and Practice
Studies in Latin Literature
The Roman Historians
Vergil and Roman Epic
Medieval Latin
Introduction to Portuguese Translation and Interpretation
Theory and Practice of Russian-English Translation 1
Theory and Practice of Russian-English Translation 2
Spanish Translation: Bridging Cultures
Capstone Project
Advanced Foreign Language Translation Workshop 1
Total Credits9

Select and translate a text in the student’s area of expertise, subject to approval of professions advisor, translation advisor, and language advisor.

Model Semester Plan


Semester 3
Advanced Language course 1
Semester 4
Advanced Language course 2

Required Courses

Semester 5
Advanced or specialized foreign language course3
Semester 6
FOT 4801Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Translation3
Semester 7
Elective in foreign language program3
Semester 8
FOT 4810Advanced Foreign Language Translation Workshop3