Data Analytics


The Data Analytics certificate provide students with the tools necessary to prepare data for analysis and use proper analytic tools. It also equips students to understand the issues associated with the ethical use of data (e.g., personal health information) and potential biases in the generation, analysis, and use of data.

About this Program

Certificates must comply with the Certificate Policy.

Department Information

The mission of the Department of Statistics is to provide its students with a fundamental understanding of statistical reasoning and methodology, to train them to apply this knowledge to the collection and analysis of data, and to prepare them for careers in a highly technological society in which science and decision-making are increasingly driven by a rapid expansion in the quantity and availability of data.


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The Data Analytics certificate provides students the tools to both organize and analyze data to answer important discipline-specific research questions and to understand both ethical issues and biases associated with any particular dataset. The fourth required course applies what was learned in the first three courses to a real-world application.

Required Courses

STA 3100Programming With Data in R3
PHI 3681Ethics, Data, and Technology3
or WST 3610 Gender, Race and Science
STA 3180Statistical Modelling3
Select one:3
Approved course 1
Econometrics 2
Laboratory in Sensory Processes
Methods in Psycholinguistics
Data Visualization in the Health Sciences
Special Topics in Political Science (Special topics political science)
Laboratory in Cognitive Neuroscience
Data Feminisms
Total Credits12

Approved by the certificate coordinator and involves applying the methods learned in STA 3180 to the student’s area of study. The course can be an upper-division department-specific supervised research course. Such a course would be supervised by a faculty member in the department of the student's major and will involve conducting a data analysis project using the methods learned in STA 3180 and writing a report. The content of this course, given its breadth across students, will need to be pre-approved by the certificate coordinator and will require a short (up to one page) summary of how methods and topics covered in the first three courses will be applied to a real-world dataset.