Students not admitted to this college must have a 3.0 overall grade point average to enroll in journalism courses other than MMC 1000, MMC 2100, PUR 3000, and RTV 2100.


JOU 1001 Introduction to Journalism 1 Credit

Overview of journalism in its many forms. A series of professional journalists introduce the news and information business. Offers preparation for a career in journalism.

JOU 2040 Writing Mechanics 1 Credit

Prepares media writers for professional work, with a focus on mastering the basics of grammar, punctuation and spelling.

JOU 3101 Reporting 3 Credits

Instruction and practice reporting and writing basic news stories. Emphasizes style, clarity, accuracy and responsibility in handling news. (WR)

Prereq: 2JM classification; Coreq: MMC 2121.


JOU 3109C Multimedia Writing 3 Credits

Introduces news and public relations writing and the use of multimedia tools in gathering and disseminating information. Learn how to use multimedia tools for journalism work, interviewing techniques, AP style and the elements that make a story newsworthy. Consists of two hours of lecture and a three-hour lab each week.

Prereq: ENC 1102 and (MMC 1009 or MMC 2604 or PUR 3000), with minimum grades of C.

JOU 3110 Applied Fact Finding 3 Credits

Instruction and practice in researching and solving complex news problems. Emphasizes enterprise, documentation and use of multiple sources, using standard reference works and public records.

Prereq: MMC 2121.

JOU 3184 Beat Reporting 3 Credits

Experience in reporting on a number of beats of significant public interest. Emphasizes responsible coverage of law enforcement, courts, schools, city and county government, health and the environment.

Prereq: JOU 3101 and JOU 3110 with minimum grades of C.

JOU 3212 Magazine Design 3 Credits

Discover the principles and practice of design for various types of magazines. Learn how to use typography, photographs, illustrations and layouts to match graphic style to content for specific target audiences.

Prereq: JOU 3109C and JOU 3220C with minimum grades of C.

JOU 3213 Design 3 Credits

Design of various forms of print media. Emphasizes basic principles of design. Use of typography and photographs together.

Prereq: VIC 3001 with minimum grade of C.

JOU 3220C Visual Journalism 3 Credits

Learn how words and visuals work together to tell a story. Develop the skills to interpret and evaluate photographs, maps, charts, interactive graphics, websites and motion graphics. Learn and apply basic design principles. Gain proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign and other software.

Prereq: JOU 1001 with minimum grade of C; JM designation.

JOU 3305 Data Journalism 3 Credits

Experience data journalism by using tools such as spreadsheets, databases, and mapping programs to acquire, clean, and analyze data, and by performing basic data visualization. Focuses on using tools to find meaningful patterns in data and to report those patterns accurately.

Prereq: JOU 3101 or instructor permission.

JOU 3346L Multimedia Reporting 3 Credits

Learn to use digital tools in reporting for Internet news sites and other online media. Focuses on the tools to gather audio and visual material that helps to tell a journalistic story.

Prereq: JOU 3101 with minimum grade of C.

JOU 3363 Introduction to Web Apps for Communicators 3 Credits

Introduces web markup, coding, and programming for journalism and communications students with no prior coding experience. Explore media-industry best practices for front-end web development, problem solving and algorithmic thinking, and recent examples of interactives and apps from media organizations.

Prereq: junior standing in college or instructor permission.

JOU 3601 Photographic Journalism 3 Credits

Study and practice of photography as a major component of journalism. Emphasizes newspaper/magazine style photography and use of photographs; ethical, historical, legal and stylistic aspects. Digital cameras provided by the department.

Prereq: 2JM designation or instructor permission.

JOU 3920 Professional Practice 1 Credit

Explores both traditional job-seeking methods as well as digital job hunting. Covers best practices in how to prepare for an interview and how to reach out to and search for employers online. (S-U)

Prereq: junior standing in college.

JOU 4004 History of Journalism 3 Credits

Origin, development and potentiality of print and broadcast media. Analyzes the evolution of standards, policies, methods and controls.

JOU 4008 Journalism Studies 3 Credits

Gain media literacy and become an educated consumer, critical thinker and researcher of/about the media. Learn about research methods, media-business models and the connections between the media and economics.

Prereq: JOU 3101 with minimum grade of C.

JOU 4111 Advanced Reporting 3 Credits

Produce quality news and feature stories for publication. Gain experience enhancing your news gathering and writing skills. Produce clips for your portfolio and as possible entries in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program.

Prereq: JOU 3101 with minimum grade of C.

JOU 4123 Investigative Reporting 3 Credits

Learn to develop and execute an investigative reporting project employing various story platforms. Investigate a data-driven topic of public interest over the course of the semester; melding both primary research and in-depth interviewing.

Prereq: JOU 3101 and JOU 3110 with minimum grades of C.

JOU 4181 Public Affairs Reporting 3 Credits

Instruction and practice in basic public affairs reporting; emphasizes responsible coverage of courts, schools and city and county government.

Prereq: JOU 3101 with minimum grade of C and JOU 3110.

JOU 4201 News Center Practicum 3 Credits

Creating and editing local news content in our college's professional news center for broadcast and digital platforms serving north central Florida; emphasizes news judgement that serves the audience.

Prereq: JOU 3101.

JOU 4202 Advanced News Center Practicum 3 Credits

Work in an advanced media setting on multiple projects, including writing, editing, and multimedia work. Emphasizes collaboration and decision-making in a real-world setting.

Prereq: JOU 4201 with minimum grade of C and instructor permission.

JOU 4214 Advanced Design 3 Credits

Advanced design and production of various forms of print media. Emphasizes advanced principles, picture editing, typography, and use of other design elements.

Prereq: JOU 3101 and JOU 3213 with minimum grades of C and instructor permission.

JOU 4301 Literary Journalism 3 Credits

Study and practice in literary journalism. Students may select a specialty and may work in writing or in writing and photography together.

Prereq: JOU 3101.

JOU 4308 Magazine and Feature Writing 3 Credits

Preparation of features and articles for publication in newspapers and magazines coordinated with study of magazine editing problems. Supervised marketing of pieces produced.

Prereq: JOU 3101.

JOU 4311 Advanced Magazine Writing 3 Credits

Advanced writing course in which students create article ideas, research and write magazine-length nonfiction articles and submit them for publication.

Prereq: JOU 4308 with minimum grade of B and instructor permission.

JOU 4313C Sports Reporting 3 Credits

Instruction and practice in reporting sports with special emphasis on game coverage and interviewing techniques. Includes features, sidebars, advances and press conference coverage. Opportunities for publication of stories.

Prereq: JOU 3101.

JOU 4342 Reporting and Writing for Online Media 3 Credits

Explore ways to adapt reporting practices to online media. Develop original journalistic stories in chunks and link them in usable structures that readers can navigate according to their own choices. Students focus on writing and on editing their own work as a necessary part of the process of writing. Emphasizes information design, not graphic design. Students produce both individual and group projects.

Prereq: MMC 3260, and JOU 3101 or RTV 3303.

JOU 4364 Advanced Web Apps for Communicators 3 Credits

Add server-side (back-end) web skills to already developed client-side (front-end) web skills to develop web apps that include a server-side component to support presentations of stories/data for media. Also covers web scraping to enable journalists to gather open data.

Prereq: JOU 3363.

JOU 4447C Applied Magazines 3 Credits

Provides experience in editing and publishing a magazine.

Prereq: JOU 4308 with minimum grade of C.

JOU 4510 Magazine Management and Publication 3 Credits

Provides knowledge and training in magazine writing, editing, design, production and administration for magazine sequence majors. Stresses organization, concept, audience, budget, printing, advertising, circulation and promotion of magazines.

Prereq: JOU 4201, JOU 3213 and JOU 4308.

JOU 4603 Specialized Journalistic Photography 3 Credits

Journalistic still photography emphasizing technical proficiency. Specialized techniques and equipment stressed. Emphasizes color portraiture, studio products, lighting, flash and related skills. Assignments prepared using digital scanning. Students furnish some 35mm equipment and most supplies.

Prereq: JOU 3601 with minimum grade of C or instructor permission.

JOU 4604 Advanced Photographic Journalism 1 3 Credits

Primary concern is portfolio-quality single story-telling pictures and multiple picture packages, including picture stories. Introduces computer page layout. Deadline pressure emphasized; overview of picture editor duties; trends; social implications; portfolio preparation. Assignments involve computer programs. Students furnish supplies, most 35mm camera equipment and flash.

Prereq: JOU 3601.

JOU 4605 Advanced Photographic Journalism 2 3 Credits

Continues JOU 4604 with emphasis on the picture story, layouts and the study of historical figures in photojournalism. Pays particular attention to magazines, color and new developments in the profession. Duties of the picture editor covered in-depth. Prior knowledge of computer scanning and layout programs expected. Portfolio preparation concluded. Terminal course in the sequence. Students furnish supplies and most equipment.

Prereq: JOU 4603 and JOU 4604.

JOU 4700 Problems and Ethics of Journalism in Society 3 Credits

Reading, analysis and planning in current and projected issues in journalism, both in their professional and societal aspects.

Prereq: 4JM designation.

JOU 4905 Individual Problems in Journalism 1-3 Credits

Students and the instructor concerned choose a problem or project which gives the student actual experience in his or her major field.

Prereq: at least 10 credits of journalism in the upper division and department permission.

JOU 4910 Journalism Undergrad Research 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application, depending on the topic. (S/U)

Can be repeated with change in content up to 6 credits; Prereq: JOU 3109C with grade of C or better.

JOU 4930 Special Study in Journalism 1-3 Credits

Variable content provides opportunity for study in academic areas of journalism, such as the literature of journalism and other fields within the province of the college.

Prereq: instructor permission.

JOU 4940 Journalism Internship 1-3 Credits

Student and instructor select an appropriate work area related to the field of journalism for on-the-job training. Student works a minimum of 100 hours on the job for every credit to be received. Progress reports and summary required. (S-U)

Prereq: minimum 3.0 GPA and completion of specialized courses in journalism appropriate to the internship. Must have department approval to receive credit.

JOU 4950 Applied Journalism 3 Credits

By assuming the role of a professional journalist, prepare for professional-caliber reporting, writing, and production of multimedia storytelling suitable for publication in various traditional/digital outlets. Classes are conducted through a series of seminars and heavily coached group projects.

Prereq: 4JM designation, JOU 3346 and minimum grades of C in JOU 4308, JOU 3213, JOU 3305, JOU 4201, and JOU 4604, or department permission.

MMC 1009 Introduction to Media and Communications 1 Credit

Introduces the tools, resources and academic and extra-curricular activities offered by the College of Journalism and Communications. Includes lessons on the history and organization of the college and academic and career preparation.

Prereq: 1JM or exploratory major, 2JM, or 3JM classification, or instructor approval.

MMC 2121 Writing Fundamentals for Communicators 3 Credits

One-third of the course is to ensure students have sufficient skill in grammar and punctuation to write with clarity. In two-thirds of the course, students put principles of good writing into practice with short writing assignments that have real-world applications.

MMC 2450 Data Literacy for Communicators 1 Credit

Numeracy which enables data literacy; to use, evaluate, and communicate numbers in situations commonly faced in advertising, journalism, public relations, and telecommunications.

MMC 2604 Mass Media and You 3 Credits

Examines roles and effects of contemporary mass media on modern societies. Considers rights, responsibilities and ethics of media, explores relationships between governments, audiences and media companies and reviews economic, political and social determinants of media content.

MMC 3030 Personal Branding for Communicators 1 Credit

Professional development course that stresses how to communicate and connect as professionals. Emphasizes mastery of writing, speaking, presentation and employment-seeking skills, working with media, handling media interviews and using social media to establish a professional identity.

Prereq: 3JM designation.

MMC 3203 Ethics and Problems in Mass Communications 3 Credits

A cross-disciplinary introduction to ethics-relevant situations faced by media professionals. Topics include professional standards of conduct, audience representation and engagement and issues associated with the production, presentation and delivery of messages that reflect the best interests of audiences, clients and stakeholders.

Prereq: 2JM designation and ADV 3008, JOU 1001, PUR 3000 or RTV 3001 with minimum grade of C.

MMC 3254 Media Entrepreneurship 1 Credit

Introduces media entrepreneurship with a focus on how digital technologies are transforming industries. Students work in teams to develop new digital media businesses. Develop and pitch ideas, explore market analysis, develop business and financial plans and study social media strategies.

Prereq: sophomore standing.

MMC 3260 Communications on the Internet 3 Credits

History, development and current state of online communications from teletext to the World Wide Web. Focuses on how online services relate to mass media in the past, present and future. Analyzes content methods, audiences and income sources. Create online projects related to mass communication.

Prereq: 3JM designation or instructor permission.

MMC 3420 Consumer and Audience Analytics 3 Credits

Provides practical analytical skill-sets, benefiting those who plan careers in analytics/research, social media, media business, advertising/marketing and public relations.

Prereq: Junior standing.

MMC 3614 Media and Politics 3 Credits

Provides an understanding of the role of the media in the political system. Topics include televised debates, political advertising, political journalism, Internet and alternative media.

MMC 3702 Rock 'N Roll and American Society Part 1 3 Credits

Studies the role of popular music in American culture. Not a music course but a look at the effects of recorded sound on popular culture. Part 1 emphasizes rock 'n roll and its impact from 1954-1970. Part 2 covers 1970 to the present.

Prereq: Sophomore standing.

MMC 3703 Sports Media and Society 3 Credits

The relationships between sports, athletes, media and audience. Includes the evolution of sports media from the early sportswriters to the day when athletes control their own messages via Twitter. Covers the various mediums (newspapers, magazines, books, radio, TV, online, forums, blogs and social media) in terms of their history, function and impact.

Prereq: sophomore standing.

MMC 3742 Rock 'N' Roll and American Society Part 2 3 Credits

Studies the role of popular music in American culture. It is not a music course but a look at the effects of recorded sound on popular culture. Part 1 emphasizes rock 'n' roll and its impact from 1954-1970. Part 2 covers 1970 to 1990.

Prereq: Sophomore standing or higher.

MMC 4200 Law of Mass Communication 3 Credits

Understanding the law, which guarantees and protects the privileges and defines the responsibilities of the mass media. Includes problems of constitutional law, libel, privacy and governmental regulations.

Prereq: junior standing.

MMC 4302 World Communication Systems 3 Credits

Theoretical bases of world mass media systems, international channels of communications, analysis of press and broadcasting systems by regional and national categories.

MMC 4341L Advanced Online Media Production 3 Credits

Advanced skills in appropriate technologies for producing online journalism. Sophisticated design of navigation interfaces for online information; screen/page design and site structure planning; web video, audio, photos and animation; web forms and databases. Emphasizes professional techniques and standards. Several software packages used; students must be able to take initiative in learning. Students complete a final portfolio project.

Prereq: JOU 3601 and MMC 3260.

PGY 3610 Survey of Photojournalism 2 Credits

Not open to photojournalism majors. Introduces still photography; selection and use of photographs in the print media; legal, historical, stylistic, ethical and technical aspects. Picture-taking minimal compared to JOU 3601. Shared cameras provided.

Prereq: 3JM designation.

VIC 3001 Sight, Sound and Motion 4 Credits

Visual literacy is a prerequisite for success in most areas of mass communication. Teaches fundamentals of design across print, web and multimedia platforms. Also emphasizes how visual forms convey messages to readers.

Prereq: sophomore standing.