AEC 3030C Effective Oral Communication 3 Credits

Strategies and techniques for effective presentations in the food, agricultural and natural resource professions. Emphasis on oral and visual techniques for formal and informal situations including leadership and group settings.

AEC 3033C Research and Business Writing in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Establishes the importance of effective communication to success in both the educational and professional environments; emphasizes writing as a primary form of communication; examines the elements of effective written communication in organizational and scholarly areas; and explores the causes of ineffective writing and ways to correct them. (WR)

Prereq: Junior or senior standing


AEC 3065 Issues in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Methods used to effectively communicate, inform, and influence policy decisions about agricultural and life sciences issues.

Prereq: Sophomore standing

AEC 3070C Digital Media Production in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Introduces the history and incorporation of electronic media used in agricultural and natural resources sciences. Hands-on learning of electronic media technology as it relates to agriculture is emphasized.

AEC 3071 Social Media Strategy and Leadership for Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Students will learn how, when and why to use various social media tools. Students will also learn to measure the effectiveness of these tools in reaching audiences with agricultural and life science messages.

AEC 3073 Intercultural Communication 3 Credits

Basic culturally coded communication behaviors, such as cultural values and beliefs, attitudes and verbal and non-verbal behavior, are examined to identify basic differences among individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. Special emphasis on cultural communication issues in the agricultural and natural resources sciences are addressed. (S and N OR S and D)

General Education - Diversity
General Education - International
General Education - Social Science

AEC 3209 Instructional and Event Planning in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Instructional methodology that focuses on the selection and use of innovative teaching, presentation, meeting planning and evaluation strategies for teaching agricultural subjects in various educational settings.

AEC 3313 Development and Role of Extension Education 3 Credits

Extension philosophy, programs, methods and leadership principles, and history of federal, state and local leadership in the development of the cooperative extension service.

AEC 3322 Moral Leadership in Agriculture and Natural Resources 3 Credits

Explores Ethical and Moral Foundations for Organizational and Personal Practice Within the Context of Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Beyond; Gain a Greater Understanding for the Intersection Between Morality and Ethics, Effective Decision-Making, and Applied Organizational Ethics.

Prereq: junior standing

AEC 3410 Fostering Innovation through Leadership 3 Credits

By studying key leadership theories and models students will develop the basic skills and knowledge necessary to move an innovation from creation to implementation. Using specifically designed experiences, students will be able to think critically about leaderships direct application to innovation and change.

Coreq: Enrollment in the Innovation Academy

AEC 3413 Working with People: Interpersonal Leadership Skills 3 Credits

Identifies and defines leadership in terms of intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

AEC 3414 Leadership Development 3 Credits

An understanding of the dynamic interactions of personal characteristics, technical skills, interpersonal influence, commitment, goals and power necessary for effective organizational leader and follower behaviors.

AEC 4031 The Communication Process in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Survey of basic communication concepts as they apply to agriculture and natural resource industries. (WR)


AEC 4035 Communication Practices for Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

This course provides students the opportunity to master a variety of writing styles used in corporate and mass media settings. Emphasis is placed on mastery of writing skills. (WR)

Prereq: AEC 3070C and AEC 4031 or JOU 3101, with minimum grades of C


AEC 4036 Advanced Agricultural Communication Production 3 Credits

Provides directed experience in the following areas of agricultural communication: video production, graphic design, visual composition, desktop publishing and multimedia development.

Prereq: AEC 3070

AEC 4052 Communication Campaign Strategies in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Examines the role of communication in agriculture, focusing on strategies and methods for agricultural information transfer.

Prereq: AEC 4031 with a minimum grade of C

AEC 4200 Teaching Methods in Agricultural Education 3 Credits

Focuses on the selection and use of teaching strategies, methods/ approaches and techniques; evaluating learning; managing learning environments; and classroom management for teaching agricultural subjects in formal educational settings.

AEC 4202 Curriculum Development and Assessment Techniques in Emerging Agricultural Technologies 3 Credits

Introduces new and emerging areas in food agriculture and natural resource sciences. Emphasizes appropriate teaching techniques, curricula, and resources.

Prereq: AEC 4200

AEC 4224 Special Methods in Teaching Agricultural Education 3 Credits

Emphasizes supervised agricultural experience programs, record keeping, and related FFA awards. Classroom management techniques, discipline and liability issues are also discussed.

Prereq: AEC 4200 and AEC 3323

AEC 4228 Laboratory Practices in Teaching Agricultural Education 3 Credits

Laboratory practices in teaching mechanics and other operative skills, conducting field and laboratory classes and providing space and teaching facilities.

Prereq: AEC 4200, AEC 3323 and AOM 3220

AEC 4323 Development and Philosophy of Agricultural Education 3 Credits

Analyzes evolving concepts and philosophies of agricultural education programs by emphasizing the history, legislation, and principles underlying organization and practice.

Prereq: Junior or senior standing

AEC 4417 Leadership for Personal and Organizational Change 3 Credits

To prepare students for addressing complex personal and organizational issues related to leading change.

Prereq: AEC 3414

AEC 4434 Communication and Leadership in Groups and Teams 3 Credits

Focuses on leadership and communication in groups and teams. Topics include: what makes effective groups and teams, processes of groups and teams, relationships of members, and improving group/team performance.

AEC 4465 Global Leadership 3 Credits

Integrated, practical, and dynamic framework for students to develop global literacy and leadership competencies. (N and S)

Prereq: AEC 3413 or AEC 3414

General Education - International
General Education - Social Science

AEC 4500 Program Development and Evaluation 3 Credits

In-depth analysis of the development and evaluation of human and community resource programs based on programming theories, concepts and research. Emphasizes dimensions of responsive communities, determination of community needs and goals.

AEC 4504 Curriculum and Program Planning for Agricultural Education 3 Credits

Principles and practices used in designing courses of instruction for effective teaching and total program development.

AEC 4900 Supervised Extension in Agricultural Education and Communication 3 Credits

Firsthand, authentic extension experiences in agricultural education and communication under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. (S-U)

AEC 4905 Individual Study 1-5 Credits

Topics and special problems selected from fields such as 4-H and FFA work, demonstrations, farm and home management, rural development, pre-school planning and post-school evaluation and planning.

Prereq: instructor permission

AEC 4911 Supervised Research in Agricultural Education and Communication 3 Credits

Firsthand, authentic research in Agricultural Education and Communication under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)

AEC 4915 Honors Thesis Research in Agricultural Education and Communication 3 Credits

Independent research in Agricultural Education and Communication leading to an honors thesis. Student will be mentored by a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)

Prereq: junior standing, upper division GPA of 3

AEC 4930 Communication and Leadership Development Capstone Experience 3 Credits

Integrates content and skills that communication and leadership development students have learned in their prerequisite courses.

Prereq: AEC 3070C, AEC 4031, AEC 4035, AEC 4036

AEC 4932 Special Topics in Agricultural Education and Communication 1-3 Credits

Special topics in Agricultural Education and Communication.

Prereq: Sophomore standing

AEC 4941 Agricultural Education Internship 1-9 Credits

Practical experience in agricultural training and development through agricultural education organizations, agribusiness and natural resources education, and/or agricultural and outreach programming.

Prereq: junior or senior standing; AEC or TCH major

AEC 4942 Agricultural Education Internship 6-9 Credits

Individual capstone internship within a school-based setting where students observe, participate in, and lead educational instruction, curricula development, assessment of school-based student learning, supervision, and assist in advising a student leadership organization.

Prereq: senior standing and successful completion of all three portions of the Florida Teacher Certification Examination (FTCE) - General Knowledge, Professional Education and Agriculture 6-12

AEC 4943 Leadership Development Internship 2-6 Credits

An individual program whereby students are apprenticed to officials to gain practical experience in agricultural organizations industry and/or the county extension program.

Prereq: 15 credits of communication and leadership courses with no grade below C

AEC 4944 Cooperative Extension Internship 4-6 Credits

The cooperative extension internship provides students the opportunity to develop practical on-the-job supervised experience in cooperative extension, primarily at the county level.

Prereq: senior standing, AEC 3313; minimum 2

AEC 4948 Agricultural Communication Internship 2-6 Credits

An individual program whereby students gain supervised experience in agricultural communications including reporting, writing, editing, photography, graphics, broadcasting, advertising or public relations.

Prereq: 15 credits of communication and leadership courses with no grade below C

ALS 2410 Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty 3 Credits

Explores questions in human well-being and sustainability building a foundation for addressing global challenges associated with global population. Transdisciplinary experts lead diverse and innovative discussions, complex adaptive problem solving; and the integration of economic, environmental, food, health, and social system perspectives.

Prereq: arrange with advisor and department permission

ALS 3415 Challenge 2050: Developing Tools for Changing the World 3 Credits

The global population is projected to exceed 9 billion by the year 2050. Challenge 2050 requires innovative development of transdisciplinary solutions to complex, global issues. This course explores individual and team-based skills, competencies, and dispositions necessary to addressing the complex adaptive issues surrounding the challenge.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 3940 Challenge 2050: the Experience 3 Credits

Emphasizes trust building, accompaniment, and community development experiences within developing global contexts. Uses immersion experience to gain an understanding for concerns relating to population fluctuation, including issues related to economics, environment, food, health, and social systems. International immersion facilitates applying sustainable practices in developing areas.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 4419 Challenge 2050: Creating Solutions 1 Credit

Through this capstone experience course, students demonstrate and apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions in assigned transdisciplinary teams. Students complete a comprehensive proposal for a developmental initiative focused on addressing the 2050 Challenge of sustaining a global population.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 4932 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Variable subjects provide content for the study of agricultural topics not offered in other courses.

ALS 4950 Challenge 2050: Taking Action 2-6 Credits

Through supervised practical training, in conjunction with academic assignments at professional organizations, the Taking Action internship provides the opportunity to professionally examine and engage the global challenges associated with Challenge 2050.

Prereq: maintain GPA of 3