PKG 3001 Principles of Packaging 3 Credits

Focuses on the materials, uses, functions and production processes of packaging. Topics include an industry overview and related applications as well as the historical, societal and technological drivers of packaging and how end-users decide on the product/package combination they use for their product and the impact these choices make on the product's market success.

PKG 3004 Packaging Materials 3 Credits

Major packaging materials, properties, economics and applications. Addresses specific issues related to packaging composition and form.

PKG 3009 Consumer Products Packaging 3 Credits

Covers packaging methods, materials, forms and strategies used for consumer products. Teams prepare a packaging plan with associated mock-ups for a proposed consumer product.

PKG 3010 Packaging, Society and the Environment 3 Credits

Examines the evolution of modern society and its relationship to packaging technology, including real and assumed environmental concerns.

PKG 3103 Food Packaging 3 Credits

Studies major technical, safety and legislative issues involved in modern food packaging practices. Includes the physical and chemical properties of food packaging materials and a survey of modern packaging techniques for various food types.

Prereq: CHM 2045. Fall.

PKG 4008 Distribution and Transport Packaging 3 Credits

Studies containment, protection and preservation practices related to transporting and delivery of packages.

PKG 4011 Packaging Production and Processing 3 Credits

Studies operations and machinery used in modern packaging lines. Topics include high-speed forming, filling, sealing, labeling, check weighing, inspection, coding, palletizing and shipping.

PKG 4101C Computer Tools for Packaging 3 Credits

Studies the computer tools applicable to the packaging industry. Topics include label design, bar code technology, spreadsheet programming, 3D package design and distribution efficiency analysis.

PKG 4204C Package Decoration 3 Credits

Presents major decoration methods used for packaging. Specific laboratory team projects prepare and execute the decoration of a cylindrical package or container from concept to a decorated item.

PKG 4905 Individual Work in Packaging Engineering 1-6 Credits

Selected problems or projects enhance knowledge of packaging engineering related topics.

PKG 4932 Special Topics in Packaging Engineering 1-6 Credits

Lectures, laboratory, and/or special projects.

PKG 4941 Work Experience in Packaging Engineering 1-3 Credits

Work experience in the packaging science industry. (S-U)