MAR 2290 Retail Management Seminar 1 Credit

Weekly lectures feature a different executive making a presentation in his or her area of expertise. Major issues in retailing are addressed. Discussions of career opportunities and career paths in retailing. (S-U)

MAR 2951 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Projects related to business in marketing as approved by the college. (S-U)

MAR 3023 Principles of Marketing 4 Credits

Functions, institutions and methods of marketing goods and services. Relates marketing to the larger economic structure and emphasizes the importance of the consumer. (S)

Prereq: ECO 2013, ECO 2023 or AEB 2014, and sophomore standing.

General Education - Social Science

MAR 3231 Introduction to Retailing Systems and Management 4 Credits

Functions, institutions and activities of retailing goods and services.

Prereq: ACG 2021 and MAR 3023.

MAR 3400 Professional Selling 4 Credits

Basic survey in professional selling. Teaches the importance of the selling role and provides basic professional selling skills; begins the preparation for a future role in sales or sales management.

MAR 3503 Consumer Behavior 4 Credits

Emphasizes both descriptive and conceptual analysis of consumer behavior with a focus on theory and research essential to an understanding of individual choice behavior. Makes intensive use of contributions from the social and behavioral science literatures.

Prereq: MAR 3023 with a minimum grade of C and STA 2023.

MAR 4156 International Marketing 4 Credits

Analyzes economic, social and cultural issues affecting marketing management in the international environment.

Prereq: ACG 2021 and MAR 3023 with minimum grades of C.

MAR 4232 Retail Consulting 4 Credits

Provides opportunities for working on real retail/marketing problems with clients; gain practical insights into actual retail business operations while performing problem identification, exploration for opportunities, data collection and strategy development. Teams of 4-5 students work with real clients on retail issues and design and execute all phases of the project.

Prereq: MAR 3023 with a minimum grade of C and instructor permission.

MAR 4403 Sales Management 4 Credits

Principles, methods and problems relating to the management of a sales force. Selection and training, organization, compensation and stimulation, and control.

Prereq: ACG 2021 and MAR 3023 with minimum grades of C.

MAR 4613 Marketing Research 4 Credits

Analyzes the role of marketing research in providing information for marketing decisions. Research methods and techniques involved in the development and use of primary and secondary data are emphasized. Topics include survey design, experimental design, data collection (e.g., questionnaires), data analysis, measurement and sampling.

Prereq: MAR 3023 with a minimum grade of C and QMB 3250.

MAR 4803 Marketing Management 4 Credits

Development and analysis of overall marketing strategies involving product and brand development, channels of distribution, pricing and promotion with consideration of marketplace conditions and related factors affecting implementation and execution.

Prereq: MAR 3023 with a minimum grade of C, MAR 3503 and one other marketing course.

MAR 4804 Marketing Strategy 4 Credits

Emphasizes analysis, planning, and implementation of marketing strategies. Examines insights into the creative processes involved in applying marketing concepts and knowledge to the development and implementation of strategy. Features a comprehensive marketing simulation exercise and well as detailed analysis of several companies and their marketing strategies.

Prereq: MAR 3023

MAR 4832 New Product Development and Management 4 Credits

A structured way of thinking about product development. Students are provided with an up-to-date toolbox for developing and managing new products. Includes hands-on individual assignments and a group project to simulate the development process of a new product or service.

Prereq: MAR 3023 with a minimum grade of C.

MAR 4905 Independent Study 1-4 Credits

Opportunity for in-depth study not offered in other courses.

Can be repeated with a change in content up to 9 credits. Prereq: senior standing, previous work in the area of research and department permission.

MAR 4933 Special Topics 4 Credits

Selected rotating topics in marketing management, research and theory.

Prereq: department permission.

MAR 4945 Retail Management Internship 1-3 Credits

A 10-12 week entry-level retail management internship that requires several papers and reports. Opportunities are available in stores, corporate headquarters and buying offices. Management training experiences in buying, store management, merchandising and customer service. (S-U)

Can be repeated once with a change in content up to 6 credits. Prereq: MAR 3023 is recommended before registering for this internship.

MAR 4956 International Studies in Marketing 1-4 Credits

Provides a mechanism by which coursework taken as part of an approved study abroad program can be recorded on the UF transcript and counted toward graduation.

Prereq: admission to an approved study abroad program and department permission.

MAR 4970 Honors Thesis 1 Credit

A thesis is required for magna cum laude or summa cum laude designation. To qualify, students normally have completed 90 semester credits of coursework (exceptions may be made) and have at least a 3.6 GPA at the time they enroll. The thesis will be reviewed by at least one faculty member chosen by the honors coordinator from the student's department. (S-U)

Prereq: 90 credits earned and a 3.6 UF GPA.