COM 1000 Introduction to Communication Studies 3 Credits

Introduces various theoretical perspectives for understanding human communication. (S)

General Education - Social Science

COM 3125 Organizational Communication 3 Credits

Explores the processes, practices and difficulties of communication among large groups engaged principally in the work environment. Examines organizational structures, patterns of communication, task and social roles, extrinsic influences and methods of producing intrinsic motivation and innovation.

COM 3462 Interpersonal Conflict Management 3 Credits

Introduces fundamental communication skills, principles, theories and research relevant to effective conflict management in a variety of interpersonal contexts and relationships.

Prereq: COM 1000 or SPC 2300 or instructor permission.

COM 3465 Conflict Management and Negotiation in the Professions 3 Credits

Introduces fundamental concepts and skills relevant to effective communication in business and professional conflicts. Topics include conflict management, ADR, and interpersonal, organizational, community and international negotiation. Emphasizes helping students to understand and improve the conflict management and negotiation skills required in their professional careers.

Prereq: COM 1000 or SPC 2608 or instructor permission.

COM 4013 Family Communication 3 Credits

Provides students with an understanding of how communication functions to develop, maintain, enrich, or limit family relationships.

Prereq: COM 1000 or SPC 2300 or instructor permission.

COM 4022 Health Communication 3 Credits

Surveys theory, research and practice of communication in the contexts of healthcare and health promotion. (WR)


COM 4706 Language and Power 3 Credits

Explores the role of language in articulating, maintaining, and subverting power relations in society. Drawing from Communication Studies and Applied Linguistics, the course provides the tools to uncover, describe, and critically analyze the various strategic biases in language that create and reinforce power asymmetries in society.

Prereq: COM 1000 or SPC 2300 for Communication Studies minor; LIN3010 for LIN major; with instructor permission.

General Education - Diversity
General Education - Social Science

COM 4911 Undergraduate Research in Communication Studies 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research in Communication Studies. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application in Communication Studies.

COM 4930 Special Topics in Communication 3 Credits

Seminar study of theory and research in a specific area of communication.

Prereq: COM 1000 or equivalent.

LIS 2001 Introduction to Library and Internet Research 1 Credit

Learn how to conduct solid and reliable library research. Critical thinking skills are used to find, evaluate and use relevant scholarly resources in a variety of disciplines. This dynamic, hands-on course emphasizes creative thinking and media production tools while exploring the social responsibilities of using digital age information.

SPC 2300 Introduction to Interpersonal Communication 3 Credits

Studies how two people interact with one another and how factors such as listening skills, gender and culture influence that communication. (S)

General Education - Social Science

SPC 2351 Listening 3 Credits

Theory and practice in responsible, participatory listening. Also includes principles of listening for literal comprehension and critical evaluation of ideas in response to various spoken and nonverbal messages.

SPC 2594 Intercollegiate Forensics 1 Credit

Participation in intercollegiate debate and individual speaking.

Prereq: satisfactory completion of one semester of intercollegiate forensics participation at UF before registering for this course.

SPC 2608 Introduction to Public Speaking 3 Credits

Theory and practice presenting public speeches, determining communication purpose(s) and adapting to organization, evidence, language and other message characteristics for designated audiences.

SPC 3331 Nonverbal Communication 3 Credits

Surveys theory and research in nonverbal communication including eye behavior, facial expressions, gestures and vocal cues.

Prereq: COM 1000.

SPC 3513 Argumentation 3 Credits

Implementation of principles and methods advocating factual claims and policy proposals. Also discusses propositional analysis, evidence as demonstration, effecting reasoning processes to become experimental for listeners and ethics in controversy.

Prereq: SPC 2608 or instructor permission.

SPC 3602 Advanced Public Speaking 3 Credits

Studies principles and methods of selected forms of public speaking for various purposes, audiences and contexts.

Prereq: SPC 2608 or equivalent.

SPC 4301 Advanced Interpersonal Communication 3 Credits

Analysis of interpersonal communication in various professional and social settings shown through case studies, role plays and discussion that all illustrate how emotions and social expectations shape communication.

Prereq: SPC 2300 or instructor permission.

SPC 4425 Small Group Communication 3 Credits

Communication in small groups with emphasis in practical applications, skill development and current research and theory.

Prereq: COM 1000.

SPC 4710 Patterns of Intercultural Communication 3 Credits

Explores practices and difficulties of communication between and among people of contrasting cultures. Includes investigation of theory and research by which intercultural communication problems can be mitigated. (N and S) (WR)

Prereq: COM 1000 or equivalent.

General Education - International
General Education - Social Science

SPC 4905 Directed Individual Study in Communication Studies 1-3 Credits

Directed individual study in communication studies designed for the advanced student who wants to pursue an in-depth area of study not provided in regularly offered courses. Directed individual study could involve independent readings or individual projects under faculty guidance.

Prereq: instructor permission.

SPC 4911 Undergraduate Research in Speech Communication 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research in speech communication. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application in speech communication.