ASL 1110 American Sign Language 1 4 Credits

First in a series on American Sign Language concepts and principles; introduces receptive and expressive skills in formal and informal interactions. Signs, fingerspelling, numbers, and classifiers are practiced in conversational and storytelling contexts. Also introduces ASL literature and cultural information.

ASL 1120 American Sign Language 2 4 Credits

Second in a series on American Sign Language concepts and principles; develops receptive and expressive skills in formal and informal interactions. Signs, fingerspelling, numbers, classifiers, and indexing are practiced in conversational and storytelling contexts. Familiarization with ASL culture and literary genres continues.

ASL 1130 American Sign Language 3 3 Credits

Advanced study of American Sign Language.

ASL 2510 Deaf Culture 1 Credit

The pathological and cultural aspects of deaf people in language acquisition, education and compliance with accommodation issues.

COM 4930 Special Topics in Communication 3 Credits

Seminar study of theory and research in a specific area of communication.

Prereq: COM 1000 or equivalent

IDH 2931 Honors Seminar 3 Credits

Special topics restricted to those in the university-wide Honors Program. (WR)


LIN 3201 The Sounds of Human Language 3 Credits

Emphasizes the sounds employed in languages of the world for a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism underlying the production of speech sounds and the ability to recognize, distinguish and phonetically transcribe speech sounds from an unfamiliar language. Includes investigation of the patterning and functions of sounds in languages of the world and application of the methods of analyzing a language sound system.

Prereq: LIN 3010

LIN 4905 Individual Study in Linguistics 3 Credits

Individual study for linguistics majors.

SPA 2024 Human Communication Dynamics 3 Credits

An interdisciplinary course that explores dynamic interactions in human communication, including normal and abnormal aspects of communication processes. The course also emphasizes pre-/post-natal communication, development of speech, parent/child communication, vocal/nonvocal communication, noise pollution and prosthetic devices. (S)

General Education - Social Science

SPA 2109 Language Breakdown in the Brain 3 Credits

Introduces brain structures as they relate to language development and use. Also emphasizes the effects of damage or developmental anomalies in different brain areas. (B)

General Education - Biological Science

SPA 3003 Phonetic Theory and Transcription 3 Credits

Introduces human speech production, classification, and transcription. Also provides intensive training in the use of the International Phonetics Alphabet for transcribing American English.

Prereq: COM 1000 or equivalent

SPA 3011 Speech Acoustics 3 Credits

Introduces scientific methodologies, physics of sound, acoustics and elementary instrumentation related to human speech communication.

Prereq: communication sciences and disorders or health science major

SPA 3032 Fundamentals of Hearing 3 Credits

Concepts and principles relevant to the normal hearing processes: acoustics, gross anatomy, psychophysical methods and basic subjective correlates of the auditory system.

SPA 3101 Speech Anatomy and Physiology 3 Credits

Introduces elementary anatomy, physiology and neurophysiology of the speaking mechanism.

Prereq: communication sciences and disorders or health science major

SPA 3800 Critical Review of Scientific Evidence 3 Credits

Provides scientific process concepts (inductive and deductive reasoning, foundations of inductive statistics, research design) as well as offering practice in critical thinking and avoiding the cognitive illusions that lead to invalid conclusions. The goal is to become critical consumers of information.

SPA 4004 Language Development 3 Credits

Study of language-based disorders of communication: language impairment in children, traumatic brain injury, aphasia and dementia.

Prereq: communication sciences and disorders or health science major

SPA 4050 Clinical Observations in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology 3 Credits

Supervised clinical observations of diagnostics and remediation at the UF Speech and Hearing Clinic.

Prereq: senior standing

SPA 4104 Neural Basis of Communication 3 Credits

Understanding the structures and functions of the human nervous system and the neurological processes involved in communication and communication disorders.

SPA 4106 Neuroplasticity and Rehabilitation 3 Credits

Introduces Foundational Knowledge About Neuroplasticity and How It Impacts Treatment Design and Implementation Across All Health Sciences. Also Introduces Different Types of Rehabilitation Approaches Offered By the Various Health Sciences.

Prereq: enrolled in a limited access BHS major or instructor permission

SPA 4250 Introduction to Speech Disorders 3 Credits

Studies speech-based disorders of communication: phonology, motor speech, resonation, voice and stuttering.

Prereq: LIN 3010 or SPA 3003 and SPA 3101

SPA 4302 Audiometry and Hearing Disorders 3 Credits

Basic techniques in pure-tone and speech audiometry, measurements of middle-ear function and test interpretation. Supervised clinical/laboratory experience in hearing testing.

Prereq: SPA 3032

SPA 4321 Audiologic Rehabilitation 3 Credits

Overview of aural rehabilitation and methods in auditory training and speech reading with hearing-impaired individuals.

Prereq: SPA 4302 or instructor permission

SPA 4400 Introduction to Language Disorders 3 Credits

Studies language-based disorders of communication: specific language impairment in children, traumatic brain injury, aphasia and dementia.

Prereq: SPA 4004 and SPA 4104

SPA 4904 Individual Study 1-3 Credits

A project, reading or research course.

SPA 4931 Honors in Communication Sciences and Disorders 1-3 Credits

The design, implementation and reporting of an original research project.

Prereq: 3

SPA 4956 Overseas Studies 1-15 Credits

Provides a mechanism by which coursework taken as part of an approved study abroad program can be recorded on the UF transcript and counted toward graduation.

Prereq: undergraduate advisor permission

SPC 3605 Speechwriting 3 Credits

Consideration of and practice with word choice and word arrangement as sources of style that influence memorability, credibility, and ease and accuracy of comprehension.

General Education - Composition

SPC 4680 Rhetorical Criticism 3 Credits

Critical analyses of rhetorical elements and processes in oratorical and non-oratorical forms.