ALS 2410 Challenge 2050: Global Uncertainty 3 Credits

Explores questions in human well-being and sustainability building a foundation for addressing global challenges associated with global population. Transdisciplinary experts lead diverse and innovative discussions, complex adaptive problem solving; and the integration of economic, environmental, food, health, and social system perspectives.

Prereq: arrange with advisor and department permission

ALS 2931 Agricultural Honors 1-4 Credits

Various courses offered. (WR)

Prereq: refer to the department


ALS 3030C Urban Agriculture 3 Credits

Work With Faculty and Guest Field Experts to Explore the Concepts, Issues, and Opportunities for Urban Agricultural Sustainability, and on the Development and Implementation of Demonstrations of Community Urban Agricultural Projects. Culminates in a Group Presentation for Campus and Community Stakeholders.

Prereq: sophomore standing

ALS 3133 Agricultural and Environmental Quality 3 Credits

Analysis of effects of agriculture on environmental quality; emphasis on agricultural wastes and practices; potential for using agricultural systems for disposal of other wastes; effects of pollution on the agricultural environment. (P)

General Education - Physical Science

ALS 3153 Agricultural Ecology 3 Credits

Introduces the study of ecology from an agricultural perspective. Emphasizes ecological principles with examples and applications from agriculture.

ALS 3203 PC Use in Agriculture 3 Credits

Introduces PC computer skills, file management, software application, hardware, purchasing one's own PC system. Focus is on the use of computers for preparing documents and presentations.

ALS 3415 Challenge 2050: Developing Tools for Changing the World 3 Credits

The global population is projected to exceed 9 billion by the year 2050. Challenge 2050 requires innovative development of transdisciplinary solutions to complex, global issues. This course explores individual and team-based skills, competencies, and dispositions necessary to addressing the complex adaptive issues surrounding the challenge.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 3923 Honors Orientation 1 Credit

Introduces the CALS honors program and develop the skills needed to complete a creative, scholarly project and an honors thesis. A variety of guest speakers, in-class and outside activities, discussion, writing and oral presentation are used to accomplish the learning objectives.

Prereq: must be enrolled in CALS upper-division honors program

ALS 3940 Challenge 2050: the Experience 3 Credits

Emphasizes trust building, accompaniment, and community development experiences within developing global contexts. Uses immersion experience to gain an understanding for concerns relating to population fluctuation, including issues related to economics, environment, food, health, and social systems. International immersion facilitates applying sustainable practices in developing areas.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 4404 International Studies 1-15 Credits

Supervised study abroad.

Prereq: sophomore standing and minimum 18 years old

ALS 4419 Challenge 2050: Creating Solutions 1 Credit

Through this capstone experience course, students demonstrate and apply knowledge, skills, and dispositions in assigned transdisciplinary teams. Students complete a comprehensive proposal for a developmental initiative focused on addressing the 2050 Challenge of sustaining a global population.

Prereq: ALS 2410

ALS 4900 Supervised Extension Experience in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Firsthand, authentic extension experiences in agricultural and life sciences under the supervision of a faculty member. Projects may involve program planning, development, implementation, and evaluation. (S-U)

ALS 4905 Individual Study in Agricultural and Life Sciences 1-3 Credits

Individual study in agricultural and life sciences.

Prereq: permission of dean and instructor

ALS 4911 Supervised Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Firsthand, authentic research in agricultural and life sciences under faculty supervision. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)

ALS 4915 Honors Thesis Research in Agricultural and Life Sciences 3 Credits

Independent research in agricultural and life sciences leading to an honors thesis. Student are mentored by a faculty member. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application. (S-U)

Prereq: junior standing, upper division GPA of 3

ALS 4932 Special Topics 1-3 Credits

Variable subjects provide content for the study of agricultural topics not offered in other courses.

ALS 4936 CALS Leadership Institute Seminar 1 2 Credits

Discussion-based seminar provides an introduction to leadership studies and personal leadership development. Exploration of personal leadership characteristics through various assessments and the development of a personal leadership development plan.

Prereq: admission to the CALS Leadership Institute Program

ALS 4937 CALS Leadership Institute Seminar 2 2 Credits

Discussion-based seminar provides an introduction to group and organizational leadership in local and global contexts. Personal assessment of strengths and further application of developed personal leadership plan to a global vision are included.

Prereq: ALS 4936

ALS 4938 CALS Leadership Institute International Service and Learning Experience 2 Credits

This seminar focuses on an international service and learning experience as a context for application of course content previously covered in the program. A compilation of documentation supporting leadership growth and reflection serve as closure to leadership institute.

Prereq: ALS 4936

ALS 4941 Full-time Practical Work Experience in Agriculture 1-4 Credits

Variable subjects provide content for the study of agricultural topics not offered in other courses. (S-U)

Prereq: prior arrangement with advisor and dean's office

ALS 4950 Challenge 2050: Taking Action 2-6 Credits

Through supervised practical training, in conjunction with academic assignments at professional organizations, the Taking Action internship provides the opportunity to professionally examine and engage the global challenges associated with Challenge 2050.

Prereq: maintain GPA of 3

MCB 4782 Archaea and Biotechnology 3 Credits

Learn About the Evolution, Physiology, and Molecular Biology of Archaea, Including Extremophiles. Examine Principles of Energy Production and Biosynthesis in Aerobic and Anaerobic Habitats and Explore Research That Incorporates Cutting-Edge Techniques and Biotechnology Applications for Using Archaea to Solve Real World Problems.

Prereq: CHM 2211 and either MCB 3020 or MCB 3023 with either MCB 3020L or MCB 3023L