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The Center for Latin American Studies advances knowledge about Latin America and the Caribbean and its peoples throughout the Hemisphere, enhances the scope and quality of research, teaching, and outreach in Latin American, Caribbeans and Latinx Studies.


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LAS 2001 Introduction to Latin American Studies 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Interdisciplinary introduction to the study of Latin American societies and cultures. Provides general knowledge of Latin America and its people, preparing students for future coursework in Latin American studies. (H or S, and N)

Attributes: General Education - Humanities, General Education - International, General Education - Social Science

LAS 3040 Drug Wars and Oil Fortunes in Latin America 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Examines the historical, comparative, and current dynamics of two global commodities—illicit drugs and licit petroleum. Considers how the presumably separate spheres of legal and illegal commodity exchange have become intertwined and covers the linkages between the Drug War, petroleum extractivism, and United States—Latin America relations.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing or higher.

LAS 3930 Special Topics in Latin American Studies 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Variable topics in Latin American studies.

LAS 4905 Individual Work 1-3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Qualified students choose a topic in Latin American studies that cuts across disciplines. Students work under the supervision of a faculty member affiliated to the Center for Latin American Studies.

LAS 4911 Undergraduate Research in Latin American Studies 0-3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Course provides firsthand, supervised research in Latin American Studies. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery or application in Latin American Studies.

LAS 4935 Latin American Area Seminar 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Multidisciplinary variable topics seminar. Required of all candidates for the undergraduate certificate and minor in Latin American studies. (WR)

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or higher.

Attributes: Satisfies 6000 Words of Writing Requirement

POS 4074 Latino Politics and Policy 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Examines the political behavior of Hispanic Americans in the United States. Students discuss political and public policy issues that impact Hispanic/Latino communities, such as affirmative action, the Chicano movement, English-only movements, immigration, the presidency, racial profiling and urban politics.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing or above.