AFS 2002 The African Experience: An Introduction to African Studies 3 Credits

Introductory study of African society and culture that examines the richness, diversity, and time-depth of African civilizations. (S and N)

General Education - International
General Education - Social Science

AFS 3300 Poverty and Development in Africa 3 Credits

Contemporary study of development issues in Africa, their challenges and possible solutions; theme based and includes economic development, agriculture and the environment, social issues and gender equality, and democracy and political development.

AFS 3352 Culture, Health and Arts in Sub-Saharan Africa 3 Credits

Explores Sub-Saharan African cultures, health issues and belief systems related to health and the arts. Also provides a framework to better understand health and health care systems in other cultures.

Prereq: junior standing or 6 credits minimum from AFH 2000, AFS 2002, AFS 4905, AFS 4935, HUM 2420 or HUM 2424.

AFS 3500 History of Islam in Africa 3 Credits

Introduces the role of Islam in African history, with particular attention to the religion's place in economic and political systems.

AFS 3800 Childhood in African Literature and Cinema 3 Credits

Explores African conceptions of childhood through the mediums of literature and film; examines how childhood is represented in diverse African cultures.

AFS 3930 Special Topics in African Studies 3 Credits

Selected variable topics in African Studies.

Prereq: Junior standing or AFS 2002 with minimum grade of C.

AFS 4240 The African Family 3 Credits

Understanding African societies south of the Sahara through the study of the functions, roles and meanings of households and families. Emphasizes diversity within and commonalities among the myriad forms of African families.

AFS 4260 Africans Abroad 3 Credits

Examines lives of Africans and formation of African communities in contemporary Western settings. Also addresses the relationship between Africans in the contemporary Diaspora and their home communities in Africa.

AFS 4315 Critical Issues in Contemporary Africa 3 Credits

Upper-division seminar that discusses perspectives on conflict resolution, corruption, economic development, environmental management, food security, governance, international assistance and public health in contemporary Africa. In addition, enhances skills in analysis, discussion and debate.

AFS 4330 Women and Politics in Africa 3 Credits

Introduces historical and contemporary roles of women in African political systems, from local to national governance.

AFS 4335 Women in Africa 3 Credits

Explores issues of gender, development and culture through memoirs, ethnographies, narratives and films about women in Africa.

Prereq: junior or senior standing.

AFS 4340 Community Conservation and Rural Development in Africa 3 Credits

Examines the practicalities and theoretical foundations of community conservation in Africa, with particular attention to the relationship between conservation and rural development issues. Main themes include property rights, governance and local-global relations.

AFS 4345 Political Economy of Conservation in Africa 3 Credits

Analyzes effectiveness of diverse approaches to natural resource preservation and uses. Case studies are primarily from southern and eastern Africa and readings focus on political and economic aspects of conservation strategies.

AFS 4350 HIV / AIDS in Africa 3 Credits

Utilizes the social science literature on AIDS in Africa to explore the social, economic and broad cultural impacts of the epidemic.

AFS 4365 Urban Africa Today 3 Credits

Interdisciplinary seminar incorporates scholarship from anthropology, geography, history, political science, sociology, and urban planning to understand African cities, their rapid growth, and their future development.

Prereq: junior standing or 6 credits minimum from AFS 2002, AFS 3300, AFS 4260, AFS 4315, AFS 4330, AFS 4350, or AFS 4935.

AFS 4905 Individual Work 1-9 Credits

Individual study and research for topics not covered in other courses.

AFS 4911 Undergraduate Research in African Studies 0-3 Credits

Provides firsthand, supervised research. Projects may involve inquiry, design, investigation, scholarship, discovery, or application.

AFS 4935 African Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar 3 Credits

Seminar on a selected interdisciplinary theme.

Can be repeated with a change in content up to 9 credits. Prereq: junior or senior standing, or instructor permission.