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College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

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Unless otherwise indicated in the course description, all courses at the University of Florida are taught in English, with the exception of specific foreign language courses.

The crop science departments and the supporting disciplines of entomology and nematology, plant sciences, plant pathology, and forest resources and conservation offer the following general and cross-department courses in pest management.

Refer to Agricultural Operations Management for AOM 3333 Pesticide Application and Agricultural General for AGG 5505 Plant Protection in Tropical Ecosystems.


IPM 3022 Fundamentals of Pest Management 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

IPM 4114 Insect Pest and Vector Management 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Covers the principles and practices used in pest and vector management, and also emphasizes the arthropod pests affecting crop and ornamental plants, humans and livestock.

Prerequisite: Introductory course in entomology.

IPM 4254 Landscape Integrated Pest Management: Ornamentals and Turf 3 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Landscape pest pressure is influenced by many factors. The development of sound integrated pest management plans for landscapes focuses on identification of abiotic factors, weeds, insects, mites, pathogens and nematodes that occur on Florida landscape ornamentals, turfgrass and palms.

Prerequisite: ENY 3005 or NEM 3002 or PLP 3002C.

PMA 4570C Field Techniques in IPM 2 Credits

Grading Scheme: Letter Grade

Prerequisite: IPM 3022.