HIN 1130 Beginning Hindi 1 5 Credits

Beginning study covering reading, writing, listening, and speaking with emphasis on acquisition of devanagari script.

HIN 1131 Beginning Hindi 2 5 Credits

Continued study with emphasis on grammar and vocabulary essential to basic communicative functions.

Prereq: HIN 1130 with minimum grade of C, or the equivalent, or instructor permission.

HIN 2200 Intermediate Hindi 1 3 Credits

Intermediate study of the four skills with new vocabulary and grammar.

Prereq: HIN 1131 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

HIN 2201 Intermediate Hindi 2 3 Credits

Continuation of intermediate study.

Prereq: HIN 2200 or equivalent, or instructor permission.

HIN 4930 Special Topics in Hindi-Urdu 3 Credits

Variable topics dealing with specific issues in and in-depth study of prose or poetic genres in Hindi and/or Urdu. Supplementary critical readings in English.

Can be repeated with a change in content. Prereq: HIN 2201 or equivalent, or instructor permission.